The Spring Beret…

Is finally done. I sewed on some buttons, and promptly put it away.
I knit it a bit too small for even my (small) head. I’ll still wear it to Chicago though. Hopefully my flight isn’t canceled.
I’ll post pictures while I’m there.

I think I’ll be starting on another hat. But not a beret, just a regular hat. Simple, fast, easy.
And maybe a little simple clutch, something I just make up as I go. I have a really pretty DK weight yarn, in a gorgeous green, so I’ll use that, and then just stitch the sides up, pop on some buttons, and some inside closures, then I’m done. I have it all in my head.



I haven’t been able to work on my beret for awhile, or update, due to the fact I’ve been busy working on my college application…So now, I will take some time to do that, as I took time to work on my hat today.
I didn’t get very far, but you can definitely see the difference between the sad round little thing of a few weeks ago and the almost half complete hat of today.
Here is a photo:

I’m going to get this done before I leave for Chicago. I’m about ready to start the decreases, so maybe I’ll actually finish it like I’m hoping…
I’m off to work on it some more.
Wish me luck.

P.S. I believe I never posted a photo of my tattoo. Here it is: