Finished Little White Hat

Finally, I’m done with it! It took a lot longer to finish than it should have….And I actually kind of like it. At first, I was like, Not again. I don’t have anything to do with a hat too small for me! But when I put it on, its not too bad. :) It’s really cozy and warm.

Originally, it sat in my room for about a week, after working on it at 10.30 p.m., using pens because my circular was getting too long, and I had no dpns with me. It was disastrous. As you can see in the photo, I had dpns when I finished it, thank you very much.

I had to take the yarn that I pulled through the live stitches, and pull it out, insert a dpn, and repeat four times.

And now I remember how much I hate using dpns to work in the round. I’ve gotten used to using a circular to cast on and work in the round, and I don’t drop the needle on the floor numerous times during working in the round, so therefore, I suffer from no dpn tantrums!

Notice in the photos of the completed hat, you don’t see the top. There is a reason for this, actually. There are holes in the top, where I dropped a few stitches, probably at the same I dropped a dpn.But it’s okay, because the holes look arty, and on purpose. So, just forget I said any different. :)

And now it’s time to make something else! Probably… another hat. I wish I had some more tweed; I love how my mini-beret is so squishy. This hat is a little bit stiff, but I guess it’ll be warmer. Oh, how I love knitting! I love how if you’re in a public place, it doesn’t matter if you’re a stranger; if you’re knitting, you’re fair game for everyone to talk to you and discuss things they’ve made, and what you’re making and whatnot. :)

Oh, good news, I got accepted to North Central College, and I’ll be attending in the fall, majoring in English: Writing Emphasis. :)


The Little White Hat…

Is no longer just a white hat, nor is it little. It’s about 3/4 of the way done; I just need to start the decreases, maybe do a few extra rounds, to make sure it’ll be a perfect size for my head. I added a tiny smoky blue stripe to the middle, and I think it looks less like a baby hat, and a little bit more grown-up.

I honestly can’t wait to keep working on it. I think I will before I go to work. After I read blogs about knitting, such as the ones in my blog list, I always feel the urge to knit and knit, and then blog about it. In the short amount of time I wore it, (feeling like I had a bandage on my head, and hearing comments such as, “You look like a monk.”) what it covered of my head was really, really warm.

It fits perfectly, its not too tight, but not too loose either. I love how its not itchy, either. So for once, I will have something that actually fits my head. Something of my own design, no pattern at all. I guess its true what they say…Third times the charm, right? :)

Little White Hat

I’ve abandoned so many projects it’s not even funny. Kyle’s scarf, the Little Green Clutch, my sister’s Christmas scarf…
But now, after receiving a whole lot of yarn, and a whole set of circular needles (the ones that detach and re-attach and whatnot!) I’ve started on a little white hat, nothing frilly or complicated, not even using a pattern. Its about two inches right now, after about an hour of work, and is coming along nicely. I think the white will look really good against my dark hair, and if not, I just love the clean look of white.

I’ll post pictures some other time, when my dog isn’t M.I.A.


Turns out I didn’t take any pictures in Chicago, well, not of the beret anyways. But here it is.
(Sorry the first picture is a bit fuzzy…)
I love the buttons, I believe they are mother of pearl, and they’re soo cute :)

I would love to write a letter to the creators of Google right now, because I am so frustrated by trying to login to my blog, and the password never works, even though I KNOW it’s right! I have to reset everything at least once a month to be sure I can get on.
Does anyone else have that problem?

And now onto the knitterly things:
Today I started on boyfriend’s scarf, the same scarf that I was going to make for my sister, but this one will have the recommended yarn, the color is something that he would like, he told me so himself. I’ve just casted on, so I won’t bore you with pictures…yet.

I’ll leave you with one last picture, although its not a knitting picture. Just one happy couple, elated to be together at last :)

Kyle and I before heading out to dinner.