Cries in the Dark

Last night, after getting off the phone with Kyle, I got back online to finish my profile at enannysource (I’m still looking for jobs…) and while I was sitting and waiting for my photo to upload, I hear tiny little kitty cries.  I sneak out to the dining room window, and listen.  I hear little rustles, and then even louder, more cries.  I go to my room to slip my flip-flops on, grab a flashlight and I sneak out the door, being careful not to slam it so I don’t scare the kitty away.

When I’m standing outside in the dark, with the cool air carressing my bare skin, I hear the cries, and they’re sounding more frantic by the second.  I see a blur streak by my feet; Jasper (the female kitty).  I follow her, and end up at a little sheltered part of the back of the house where old bikes are rusting and collecting dust.  I set the flashlight down on one of the metal seats (the base is magnetic) and point the light where I want it.

With the flashlight pointed where the rustling is coming from, I see a tiny black form, huddled under some cardboard.  When I move so my feet don’t fall asleep, the little form hisses and spits, sounding terrifying.  I want to comfort the poor little guy, left all alone with the wind howling in the night.  The best thing I can think of is to lift Jasper down to the kitten.

Bad idea.

The kitten spits and hisses and hits at her.  I start to wonder if the kitten is indeed Jasper’s.  After awhile, I go back inside, and try to ignore the sad little cries floating in the window.

This morning, I peek out the window to see if the little thing is still there.  I don’t see it, and feel a pang of sadness.  When I creep outside through the long grass, trying to be quiet, I find the kitten huddled deeper under the cardboard.  I talk to him a little bit, surprised that he’s not spitting and hissing at me.  Just meowing his plaintive cry.  His eyes are all crusty and oozing, a sign of malnutrition.

I run inside and tell Pat about the little guy, and after he gets done showering he go outside and look at the little thing, huddled all alone.

I take Pat to work, all the while thinking of ways to catch him without getting eaten alive.  When I get home, I get leather gloves, and a deep cardboard boax, because kittens are like Houdini’s, right?  I walk out to where he’s hidden, and reach down to pet him.  He just cries.  I take one glove off, and pet him with the tips of my fingers.  Then I figure he’s harmless, and lift him out.  I set him in my lap, and he burrows into my belly, crying in his sad little voice.

When I set him down next to Jasper, to see if he is her’s, he crawls to her belly and latches on.  Jasper doesn’t move.  I pet the little guy, and cuddle him every few minutes.

He’s finally calmed down, and doesn’t make the little heartwrenching cries as much, and I’m thinking about names.  He’s an adorable little thing, fuzzy and sweet.  When his eyes are open enough despite the gunk, his eyes are a newborn, milky blue.  I’d take a picture, but you know, my camera is missing.  Someday, you’ll see how painfully adorable the little thing is.

But today, he’s all mine. :)


The Case of the Missing Camera

I really, honestly have no reason to say why I wasn’t blogging.  I knew I should blog, but I didn’t want to force myself.  So I put it off for days.  During this time of non-blogging, I watched a whole lot of Grey’s Anatomy (which I love.), read (the books that shall remain unnamed), and looked for my missing camera.

The missing camera is the reason I didn’t do a Silent Saturday post.  There are poppies blooming.  There are beautiful, lush landscapes that I want to capture.  But without my camera, I can’t take pictures of them to keep.  I’ve searched high and low, right and left, top to bottom: EVERYWHERE.  And the camera isn’t anywhere I’ve looked.  It’s not in it’s normal place; right beside the computer desk, hugging the printer.  And I have a sneaky suspicion as to who stole it…

I also got my graduation necklace(s) from my aunt and uncle, and absolutely love them!  I’m wearing the red one to dinner while we’re in Florida.

A Day Off…

Finally, a relaxing day where I don’t have to do anything except be on the computer or read!  I’m probably going to spend most of the time designing a banner for Stacia on Photoshop with some photos she sent to me.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Last night, while talking to Kyle, we finally solved the mystery of vacation!  You may remember months ago, I blogged about his dad offering to take me with.  Well, he had been dancing around the issue for awhile, but last night, he told Kyle that I can come.  To Flordia!  I’m super excited to go to an actual beach, and Universal Studios (HELLO, HARRY POTTER!!), and most of all, just hang out with Kyle.

Before I crawled out of bed this morning, I read.  As you know, I was really obsessed with Kathleen Woodiwiss for awhile, and romance books.  The books I’m reading now are a bit over the top.  I really don’t even want to link to them, or admit that I am reading (and enjoying!) them a lot.

Anyways!  Tomorrow I’m off to Sundance for an appointment at the lady doctor (which I’m completely dreading).  Wish me (lots and lots) of luck!

Also, check these out! I’m excited to see who wins! Printer(s) and Bedding/Free Stay giveaways. They’re definitely worth entering!

The Job Search…Flourishes!

Yesterday, while I was hanging out with Sam, he was describing the pain of breaking his arm to me, because I told him that I’d never broken a bone.

“Well, Daddy said he heard a pop and it hurt really, really, really bad.”  Sam says.

“Did you cry?”  I ask him.

“No, not until later.  But it really, really hurt.  It hurt more than having a baby!”

So, now you know.  Breaking both bones in your forearm hurts worse than having a baby.  You heard it here first.

While I was driving home from the ranch, (I also got another job offer from a guy that works up there…for a whole week!) it started pouring.  I’m not kidding.  It was like buckets upon buckets were being thrown down, and it was really hard to see because of the trees on either side of the road.  All the way home (15 minutes worth) I was thinking about how I had tied Salem outside before I left for the ranch at 2.  I really hoped someone was home and took pity on him and put him in his cage.

No luck.

He was sitting outside, with his shoulders up, completely, soaking wet.  When I pulled into the driveway, he got so excited, and I could see the water dripping from his sodden tail while he was wagging it.  I ran over under the tree (which offered no protection from the rain whatsoever) and untied him and he ran to his cage and jumped into his bed.  I ran as fast as possible inside, because I was wearing shorts and a tank top, because when I left for work, it was 75 degrees.  When I finally burst through the door, I saw Pat and Sean (cousin) watching T.V.  I was not happy.


I changed, dried my hair, and combed it, then went to check the messages.  Turns out I had gotten a call from my babysitting ad, and Kayla wanted me to babysit today.  I couldn’t because I had already committed to cleaning.  I felt terrible for not being able to help her out.

At 8, I talked to Kyle and then went to bed.

I couldn’t sleep.  I kept rolling around, and jumping every time the thunder cracked.  Finally, I decided to lay a different way.  I tossed my pillow down to the foot of my bed, stripped the top blanket off the bed, and put my head where my feet were supposed to go.  I fall asleep.

At 1, I woke up and switched back to a normal sleeping position.

At 2, I was awake and I heard the door creaking, then it flew open.  My back was to it, and I kept saying in my head, “I don’t wanna see. I don’t wanna see.  I don’t wanna see.”  A few minutes later, it’s pulled shut.  I fall back asleep, my stomach quivering a tiny bit.

I wake up at 7.16, and get ready to go to work.  I also find the note that Pat left in my room last night (no ghosts ).  I make myself a bagel with lots of cream cheese, then leave.  I get to the chapel (that’s what I’m cleaning) early.

I spend a few hours cleaning (4) and Jackie tells me that since everything looks so good, she’s paying me for 7 hours.  There were so many flies in that place.  I’ll be dreaming about them for months.

But at least my college fund is growing. :)

Computer Dreams, and Broken Arms…

Because of a change in plans (i.e. broken bones), my Tuesday will not be spent half in bed, half on the computer, eating the entire time, and then going to a movie with a friend.  It will be spent at the ranch, hanging out with Sam and his poor, broken arm.
Although that’s not entirely a bad thing.  My college fund is looking a little dry still.

I can spend some of the morning online, eating delicious fresh fruit…I’ll also be searching online for a computer for college, any suggestions?  I don’t want to spend a whole lot on it (you know, I still have tuition and a plane ticket to pay for…maybe I should add a computer fund and a ticket fund…) but I want it to have a nice webcam, and above all else, I want a number pad. On the side.  Separate.

Also, today seems like a good time to tell you that giveaways are in the near future.  I’ll have some summer giveaways that you won’t want to miss, because the first will be some awesome handmade jewelry.  My aunt on Etsy is donating some of her gorgeous pieces, so stick around to see which ones will grace your neck someday! :)

The Job Search Continues and a Girl Has to Give Her Dog Away…

I got one other job offer yesterday, an offer to clean a little chapel for church retreats for $10/ hour.  I took the job.  So that’s on Wednesday.

Today I’m designing yet another ad.  But this one is for my dog.  I have to give him away before I move, because the rest of the family doesn’t want him, and I can’t take him with.  I would if I could, but dorms don’t allow dogs, especially ones who eat (DIGEST) anything they can get in their mouth.  I’m already getting a little emotional, even though I expected this day to come.

It’s a sad day indeed when a girl has to give up her puppy.  (Especially since today is the first day of summer.)

The Job Search Begins…

In lieu of the Silent Saturday post (and because I was working all day yesterday and didn’t get home until late), here is the first post in a series, updating you on the status of my COLLEGE FUND!

As of now, I have $0 in savings, because I’ve used all that I made last summer paying bills, and paying off my car. (Which I will finish paying off in July, FTW!)  Well, before I start college, I have approximately $1300 due for the first trimester’s tuition.  And I have, oh, about 84 days to get that money (and possibly save up more so I don’t have such a hard time paying the other parts of tuition either).

I have no day job, and yesterday, Beth suggested that I put up flyers for something I’m good at.  BABYSITTING!  I’m really good with kids, I’ve had experience with children of all ages (from birth on up), and I do like to hang out with kids.

I’m working on a flyer now to put up around in Hulett, and hopefully, I’ll get some jobs.
Cross you fingers for me, will you?

**Edited to Add:

While out hanging the flyers, I got one positive comment (“I’ll definitely be calling you.”).

I hope the trend lasts.