The Job Search Begins…

In lieu of the Silent Saturday post (and because I was working all day yesterday and didn’t get home until late), here is the first post in a series, updating you on the status of my COLLEGE FUND!

As of now, I have $0 in savings, because I’ve used all that I made last summer paying bills, and paying off my car. (Which I will finish paying off in July, FTW!)  Well, before I start college, I have approximately $1300 due for the first trimester’s tuition.  And I have, oh, about 84 days to get that money (and possibly save up more so I don’t have such a hard time paying the other parts of tuition either).

I have no day job, and yesterday, Beth suggested that I put up flyers for something I’m good at.  BABYSITTING!  I’m really good with kids, I’ve had experience with children of all ages (from birth on up), and I do like to hang out with kids.

I’m working on a flyer now to put up around in Hulett, and hopefully, I’ll get some jobs.
Cross you fingers for me, will you?

**Edited to Add:

While out hanging the flyers, I got one positive comment (“I’ll definitely be calling you.”).

I hope the trend lasts.


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