The Job Search Continues and a Girl Has to Give Her Dog Away…

I got one other job offer yesterday, an offer to clean a little chapel for church retreats for $10/ hour.  I took the job.  So that’s on Wednesday.

Today I’m designing yet another ad.  But this one is for my dog.  I have to give him away before I move, because the rest of the family doesn’t want him, and I can’t take him with.  I would if I could, but dorms don’t allow dogs, especially ones who eat (DIGEST) anything they can get in their mouth.  I’m already getting a little emotional, even though I expected this day to come.

It’s a sad day indeed when a girl has to give up her puppy.  (Especially since today is the first day of summer.)


4 thoughts on “The Job Search Continues and a Girl Has to Give Her Dog Away…

  1. Cassandra-

    I am your long-lost Uncle Jon in Vermont. My wife (Stacia) found you through Aunt Julie’s Facebook page. Congratulations on your high school graduation; we are so glad that you’re going off to college. How exciting and scary at the same time (I speak from many years of going-to-college experience).

    Please drop me a line. We would love to hear from you.

    Uncle Jon

  2. Lamb-
    I would agree with you on this one. I’ve been racking my brains for another solution for quite some time, but with my living situation since my parents’ divorce; let’s just say it isn’t the sunniest place to be…
    Nobody is sadder than me to be giving him away, but I hope to find a good home where he will be played with everyday. That was not something I could give him. I love him, but I think another family would be able to love him more.


  3. Hey Cassandra,

    Just wanted to stop by and thank-you for stopping by my page. I don’t get many visitors but always glad to hear from them. :)

    As for my rants, I’m eventually moving them (there’s a lot) over to a new link but I’ll have it posted.

    It made me sad to read this post about having to give your dog away. I remember when I had to give my dog away. I was so sad.

    Glad to hear you got work. :) I don’t know how getting work is where you are but the city I’m in – it can be super hard to find work.

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