Computer Dreams, and Broken Arms…

Because of a change in plans (i.e. broken bones), my Tuesday will not be spent half in bed, half on the computer, eating the entire time, and then going to a movie with a friend.  It will be spent at the ranch, hanging out with Sam and his poor, broken arm.
Although that’s not entirely a bad thing.  My college fund is looking a little dry still.

I can spend some of the morning online, eating delicious fresh fruit…I’ll also be searching online for a computer for college, any suggestions?  I don’t want to spend a whole lot on it (you know, I still have tuition and a plane ticket to pay for…maybe I should add a computer fund and a ticket fund…) but I want it to have a nice webcam, and above all else, I want a number pad. On the side.  Separate.

Also, today seems like a good time to tell you that giveaways are in the near future.  I’ll have some summer giveaways that you won’t want to miss, because the first will be some awesome handmade jewelry.  My aunt on Etsy is donating some of her gorgeous pieces, so stick around to see which ones will grace your neck someday! :)


4 thoughts on “Computer Dreams, and Broken Arms…

    • Haha- dogs are a little bigger than cats. And Salem isn’t trained to be on a ranch. He would eat the chickens, chase the cows, and bite the horses. Their dog is a Border Collie and is trained to handle livestock; Salem, is not.

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