The Case of the Missing Camera

I really, honestly have no reason to say why I wasn’t blogging.  I knew I should blog, but I didn’t want to force myself.  So I put it off for days.  During this time of non-blogging, I watched a whole lot of Grey’s Anatomy (which I love.), read (the books that shall remain unnamed), and looked for my missing camera.

The missing camera is the reason I didn’t do a Silent Saturday post.  There are poppies blooming.  There are beautiful, lush landscapes that I want to capture.  But without my camera, I can’t take pictures of them to keep.  I’ve searched high and low, right and left, top to bottom: EVERYWHERE.  And the camera isn’t anywhere I’ve looked.  It’s not in it’s normal place; right beside the computer desk, hugging the printer.  And I have a sneaky suspicion as to who stole it…

I also got my graduation necklace(s) from my aunt and uncle, and absolutely love them!  I’m wearing the red one to dinner while we’re in Florida.


2 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Camera

    • I love, love, lovee the necklaces! I was excited when I saw a green one. At first I was like, what? I got the red one… We’ll be in Florida August 9th-13th I think.

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