“Auel” the Way.

Yesterday, I stopped in at the library.  I gave up on “The Lord of the Rings”.  I did really enjoy reading them, but as the librarian told me, “they’re winter reading.”  I quite agree.

I returned to a series that I have read once or twice (actually, about 3 times) and I absolutely love.  “The Clan of the Cave Bear” is the first in the series.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it.  I’m kind of a fan, being that I own the (crappy!) movie.  I’m still waiting for the final book to come out.  (And I’ve been waiting for quite a while.)  The fan site told me a year ago that she was still writing it.  I checked today (and had to restrain myself from SCREAMING and DANCING) and the book will come out March 2011!  That’s less than a year!  That gives me time to read, and buy the rest of the series.  I love Jean M. Auel.

What authors do you enjoy reading?  What book (or books) can you read over and over, and enjoy every single time?

For me, it’s Jean M. Auel, “auel” the way. :)

Today, I’m going out to lunch with one of my teachers, Astrid, and then after that, we’re meeting some others in a coffee shop to discuss books.  We were supposed to read “Pride and Prejudice”, but I never got around to reading it.  I never had time.  I’m looking forward to seeing people from school again, because I’m going to be leaving in a few months, and not coming back for like, a year.

Last night, while I was reading “The Clan of the Cave Bear” (which I LOVE. I’m at the part where Ayla is learning names, and Mog-ur is doing the ceremony back to the very beginnings of life.), I heard poor Addison crying.  Apparently, Jasper didn’t know where to take her, and it was pouring rain.  I opened the back door a little bit, so they could take shelter in the porch, but I don’t know if they did or not, because at 12, when I had FINALLY gotten to sleep, I was woken up by these really long, high-pitched, drawn-out growls from the cats.  I lay there in bed listening to the growls, thinking about yelling at them, but not wanting to wake everyone up.  Finally, after hearing the two cats go at it, growling and hissing and dirt flying everywhere, I get up and “pssst!” out the window three times.  I hear them both run and hide, and I don’t wake up again during the night.

Maybe my camera will show up today while I’m gone at lunch, and I can take photos of what I’ve been dying to capture; poppies (almost dead by now), baby Addison, lush landscapes, and I’m sure I could find other things to photograph as well.  My posts have been in need of pictures, because all this plain text gets boring after a while.  It better show up before Florida…


One thought on ““Auel” the Way.

  1. My hairdresser’s daughter is named Ayla (after the character in these books). She must be about 3 or 4 years old now… So cute!

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