Crazy Cat Lady

I spent the 4th cuddled in bed, reading “The Valley of Horses”.  I have about 20 pages left.  I finished “The Clan of the Cave Bear” and was really excited to start on the 2nd book in the series, which was one that I bought when I was in Spearfish the last time.  I also spent yesterday out with the kitties, which all have names now (see photo).  I feel like I’m turning into a crazy cat lady with all the blog space these little kitties get.

(I spelled “Phoenix” wrong.  Oops.)
But on another note, Pat and I are headed to town later today to go see “Eclipse”!  I’ve been dying to see it since I first saw the trailer, which was MONTHS ago.  I’m so glad I just decided on a whim to go see it.  I also have jobs lined up for this month, at least 2 weeks worth.  I love watching the little squares on my calendar get filled up with names of the people I’m working with.  It’s very satisfying.

Now, to cement my new status as crazy cat lady, I leave you with this picture.

Honestly, how cute is that? (I named the photo “twin hug” even though they were fighting; scratching, growling, biting, and hissing.  I just caught them while they both rested, and didn’t want to take their claws out of each other.)


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