To Perm- Or Not- To Perm…

Yesterday, I curled my hair.  I love having it curly; I love the bounciness, and I love how curls make me look.  Today, while browsing the internet, I casually googled “spiral perms”.  This is the site I looked at.

I learned several things.  First, perms last 3-5 months.  I could manage three to five months with curly hair.  Second, perms can be straightened, so if I do get sick of curly hair, I can make it straight again, and then do curly the next day.  Third, you can spiral perm shoulder length hair.  My hair is just past my shoulders!  And fourth, to find out if you have healthy hair, take a little chunk of hair, fill a glass of water, and do the “float test”.  If your hair sinks in the water, it means your hair is unhealthy, and is soaking up water.  If it doesn’t float, your hair is healthy.

I’m weighing the pros and cons.  Kyle mentioned last night that curly hair is his favorite on me.  Would it be so bad to perm my hair?  Is there something I’m missing?  Should I call and get an appointment?  I know, I’m impulsive, but I’ve always wanted curly hair, and now that I have long hair, I can get thick curls that bounce when I walk.

What the heck.  I’m going to be impulsive, and I’m going to call and get an appointment.  Curly hair all the time can’t be all that bad.

EDITED TO ADD:  I did it!  (And spent more than I wanted to spend but that’s another story…)  And at first, I hated it, and then I kinda liked it, and now, I love it!


4 thoughts on “To Perm- Or Not- To Perm…

  1. I thought about doing the same thing but when I went to the hair dresser they wouldn’t do it. They told me that they don’t really do spiral perms anymore, whatever. I say if you want it go for it, if you don’t like it just wait for your hair to grow back or wear alot of ponytails. Post a picture when you get it done. :)

  2. I’m considering the same now, but not sure how it will look b/c I have some layers, but my hair is now almost halfway down my back again. I’m afraid though, b/c every time I ever went to the hairdressers as a child, even equipped with a photo of what I wanted, they always made me look like a poodle, or as some people called me one of these times “helmet head” and “melanoma head”. :s

  3. I had hair about your length when I permed my hair in 7th grade. It totally destroyed my hair….seriously parts were burned away near my scalp. I had little fuzzies coming in at my bangs and center part. You are brave. Had I known how to really take care of it, I may have been better. Even when I put so much gel in my hair that it became crunchy, I could not get it to stay un-poofy. I’ll have to find a picture of me with that hair (mine lasted for over a year. *Shudder*) and show you. I had what I called “house head.” My hair looked like a triangle on a 1st grader’s illustration of a house. Bad, bad, bad perms…Oh, and to top it off the person who did mine permed my bangs. Oh, the humanity!

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