North Dakota Hotel Scene

After calling all the hotels in Minot, North Dakota, we were told to call this one; the last hotel remaining.  The Vegas Hotel.  We got the last room available.  You can imagine what wewere thinking when we were looking for it.  We were expecting disgusting exterior, seedy interior.  But, as we pulled in, we were surprised to find that it doesn’t look so bad.  It’s a little rough around the edges, the game room/pool area is grungy, and there are big bleach stains on the carpet, but the room is clean, and the beds were nicely made, with no unwelcome visitors at night (yet).

The drive over was both boring and bittersweet for me.  It was 7 hours of trying to keep Sam entertained when he kept asking questions about Lady GaGa in Glamour;  “Why is she wearing pastic?  Does she wear plastic to bed?  Is she married?  Why is there bubbles covering those places?  Can you make my birthday cake like this picture, only without the bubbles?  Please please please pleeaassee?”  It went on and on and on.  (I’ve also taken a lot of photos, and I’ll upload them to flickr as soon as I get home, and I’ll do a more in-depth post.)

But, driving past the flatness of North Dakota reminded me of Wyoming, and of what I was leaving.  I always told myself that I wasn’t going to miss this place, that I wasn’t ever going to come back, not even to visit.  And yesterday, seeing all the wide openness, I got a little bit freaked out because I wasn’t going to see it everyday anymore.  I was going to see people and buildings everyday.  The trees won’t be the same, the grass won’t be the same and above all, the people won’t be the same.  What will I do if I hate Naperville?  If I hate North Central; the staff and students?  I can’t just come slinking back to Wyoming.

I don’t want to be a failure, but I’m scared to be a success.


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