Garbage Juice

A few weeks ago, I signed up on enannysource (I’m nanny #277975 if you were wondering…), and until a few days ago, I had no bites.  Now, suddenly I’m being added to this family’s top pick list, and that family’s too.  (That’s a good sign; it means the family is considering you to be a good nanny, and other families can see the list.)  Today, I got an e-mail from a family in Denver asking if I was available to work August 20-mid December.  Well, I’m going to be in college then, and I wouldn’t be able to work.  It sucks that the first people to contact me, I have to e-mail back telling them that I can’t help them, even though they added me to their top picks list and look like a nice family.  (The kids were also a little older than I want to work with as well; 11 and 13, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right?)

Yesterday, while lying on the couch, and eating slices of potato sprinkled with salt (yum!), I read.  “The Plains of Passage” was the selected book, but after awhile, I got tired of just snacking, and made steak tips with were awesome.  I also did laundry, and was shamelessly proud of the way I hung my clean underwear out to dry.  I took the garbage to the community dumpster (because there’s all of 20 people in my town, and we only have need of one), and when I lifted the bags to toss them in, they leaked.  Smelly, cold, slightly brown liquid all down the back of my leg.  It itched, and it smelled really bad.  I also took pictures.

Later, still not wanting to sit still, Pat and I took Salem “up top” (which is just what it sounds like; we live in a canyon and “up top” is the first place you get service when you get out the hole.  It also features huge gravel piles, and a large body of water that Salem loves to swim in.)  When we got there, we opened the door of the car, Salem was in the back seat, and let him out.  The first thing he did was go straight to the water and jump in, lapping up as much as possible.  When we drove, albeit wildly, towards the towering piles of gravel, he came after us, keeping pace while we did 20 mph.  When the car stopped, Pat and I both got out and climbed the pile with Salem climbing up and down numerous times.

Finally, like every other day, Salem got tired of being around, and he just left.  One second he was there, the next he was gone.  Pat was worried, and wanted to go look for him, but I knew that he can get 5 miles away in 5 minutes, and a search would be fruitless.  Besides, it was really hot.  Not more than 10 minutes later, Salem shows up, running so fast he makes dust behind him, and goes, again, straight to the water.

When we are ready to go, we have to make Salem run around to dry off, because he had just laid down in the water.  Commence the wild driving again.  Then we go home, with Salem wriggling around in the back, trying to dry off even more.  (And since it was not my car, it didn’t bother me that he was getting the seats muddy and dog-smelling.)

It was a good, relaxing day (except for the garbage juice).


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