Where Salem Might Find a New Home…

Today might be the day that I find a new owner for Salem.  Here’s how it happened:

When I went to the ranch yesterday for work, I realized that people I’ve met before are there for a few days to visit and help out.  They usually hunt there in November (or whenever deer season is), so I wasn’t expecting to see them.  Well, last night, Beth and Sam went out to a play, and Pat went out to work on the tractor and wouldn’t be back until late; therefore, I was in charge of dinner.  When the guys came in (Dick is the grandpa, Jake is the 14-year-old grandson) and sat down to eat, the fact that I had to get rid of Salem slipped out of my mouth when I was talking about leaving for college.  Jake was suddenly interested.  He asked the usual questions; What’s his name?  How old is he?  When was he born?  Is he still wild like a puppy?  Has he been around guns? (they’re hunters, I expected that one).  Finally, when dinner was drawing to a close, I told Jake that I would bring Salem up to the ranch so he could see if he liked him.  He agreed.

When I left, Jake was on the phone with his parents asking for a dog.  I don’t know how it went, but I know that he has a chocolate Lab already, but she’s getting really old and he wants a younger dog that he can train to hunt with him.  Salem is definitely his dog.  He loves to swim, he’s pretty good at bringing things back to you, and he’s been around guns before, and he doesn’t shake and hide.  He’s pretty much bred to hunt.  And he’s healthy.

So, in a few hours, I’m headed up to the ranch to see if Jake wants to have him.  Then I’m taking Salem back home, then going back up to the ranch to work for the rest of the day, and get paid!  My car is going to be paid off, and I’ll have my half of the tickets to Naperville paid off with this check.

Tonight, I’m leaving for April’s because I’m helping her for the week.  Then on the weekend, I’m back at the ranch, helping on Monday too, and then I wait a week to get on a plane and fly to Naperville for college orientation.  The rest of this month is crazy, and next month is going to be just as crazy.  I get back on the 18th of August, and the next morning, I’m going to drive down to my sister’s to help with the baby (and I hope I get to be there when he’s born, although I may miss it) for a week or so, and then I have to leave again for college.

While down in Naperville this time around, I’m gonna stop in at Anderson’s, and see if I can get a job application.  Anderson’s is a family-owned bookstore that I’m really excited to go to.  I’m even more excited by the prospect of working there.  If I got a employee discount, I would be buying books like there’s no tomorrow.

One can never have too many books.


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