What Could Be So Bad?

Today is the first day of the week-long job of babysitting Braden while April is at work.  After he had a lunch of Beef with Garden Vegetables (which smelled really good), he played on the floor, climbing and throwing toys.  He had only been awake for a few hours when he started showing the classic signs of being tired.

I picked him up, and we watched the food network.  Somewhere between Guy grilling salmon and making pita bread, he fell asleep.  He lay with his head up against my side and my hand covering his cold little toes.  Suddenly, he jerked really hard, his face turned red, and he started to cry.  I shifted him onto his side and rubbed his back.  He quieted down and went back to sleep, with eyes cracked open but unresponsive.

Minutes later, he does the same thing.  Cue the back-rubbing and sleep.  Then he wakes up, again.  Finally, I decide that he’s hot, and I move him to his crib.  As soon as his blanket touches his cheek, he smiles a sleepy smile and he’s out.

(I hear him crying now.)

What can a baby so young have to fear so much that it disturbs his sleep?


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