Day Two

I slept wrong last night.

I slept on the little corner section of a sectional couch, and I didn’t have room to stretch out.

So now;

There’s an ache in my shoulder,

In my side,

In my hips.

I also had the strangest dream ever that, when I woke up, I thought I would blog about it.  But, when I was woken up in a way I’ve never been woken up, i.e. a baby screaming, I forgot all about it.  I’m the one always pining for a baby, and a few days ago, I actually told Kyle: “Everyone around me is having babies!  My biological clock is ticking!  No.  The alarm on my biological clock is freaking DINGING.”  (I never did get that saying, “my biological clock is ticking.”  It’s basically stating a fact.  A clock ticks all the time.  To say your clock is ticking, is to say that you’re a woman, right?)

My biological clock’s alarm isn’t as loud today.


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