Late For Work

When I know I have to be somewhere at a certain time, a time that I don’t normally wake up at (say 8 a.m.), I have this phobia that I might not hear my alarm clock, and I won’t be where I need to be at that certain time.  This morning, I needed to be at work at 8 a.m., and set my alarm clock last night before Kyle called so I wouldn’t forget to do it afterwards.

Well, I finally fell asleep at about 10, and woke up several times this morning.  Once at 5:30, once at 6, once at 6:30, and so on, until it was 7 and I fell asleep more deeply.  I didn’t worry much about being late, because my alarm clock always wakes me up; I’m a light sleeper.

I dreamt that my alarm clock was going off, and I couldn’t make it stop.  I unplugged it from the power cord, took out the emergency batteries, shook it, pressed the “alarm on/off” button, and so on, until I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I brought it to different people, asking them what I should do.  Everyone told me to do something else, and nothing worked.

When I finally got it to shut off, my eyes snapped open, and I realized that the beeping was not just in my dream, my alarm clock had been going off for about 30 minutes.  I was going to be late.  I pulled my hair into quick pigtails and then rushed out the door.

I was only 10 minutes late, but I’m freaked out that it’ll happen again, only I’ll be going somewhere more important, such as my college orientation.

I’ll be leaving on the 4th, which is only TWO DAYS AWAY, and I’m super excited!  I’ve already packed, but I have a feeling that I’m forgetting something.  I usually make lists, but I haven’t had the time to stress out about this trip, because I’ve been working so much lately.

Today at work, I did something that brought back so many fond memories.  Running through the sprinkler!  The water was ice-cold, my swimming suit was tiny, and the sun was warm on my shoulders.  I loved it.  Along with the pigtails, I felt like I was 11 years old, and in love with summer vacation.


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