Heavy on the Pictures

Orientation was on Friday, and Kyle doesn’t work on weekends, which explains why I haven’t been blogging.  The days that Kyle was working were so long, and so boring.  I straightened my hair one of the days, and watched “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.  I haven’t been taking very many pictures, either, because I feel like I’m already living here.

Orientation was so fun!  I was nervous at first but then, after meeting a girl, Tia, and a guy that she knew, it wasn’t so hard anymore.  I met more people, and I’m looking forward to going to college.  I set up my schedule, but I wasn’t able to get into Latin this term, maybe next term.  I’m looking forward to my anthropology class, but not my biology class and lab.  I’m also excited about “The Evolution of God” class, which counts for not only religion, but humanities as well.  I got my official North Central stuff (which is a t-shirt and sweatpants, all in Cardinal red), so now I’m an official North Central Cardinal!

Last night after dinner, Kyle took me to Coldstone, where he bought my Peach ice cream that was so good.  We walked downtown for awhile and then went into bookstores.  As usual, we spent more time than we thought we would in Barnes and Noble, and when we finally left, it was dark.  When we got home, we laid in bed and read, until Kyle fell asleep and I made him go to his bed.

Our flight in the morning is early, like, waking up at 4 am early.  And out of O’Hare.  I still have packing to do, which is strange because I’ve been living out of my suitcase since I got here.  I got this adorable dress for Florida, but I couldn’t resist and wore it today.  I was so cold.


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