Belly=Baby, Salem=Shelter, Kittens=Missing, Shipping=Sucks, Packing=Nervewracking.

First of all, I want to congratulate my sister on her new addition.  Hudson Nicholas was born on August 23rd at 9:02 a.m.  He weighed in at 8 lbs, 3.1 oz, and was 19.5 inches long.  At his check-up yesterday, he gained 4 oz.  He’s adorable.

This past week has been hectic, and I haven’t had access to internet, except for my Palm, and there’s no way I’m going to write a whole blog post on that.  I was way excited to get one, and they do prove to be a way to kill time.  I don’t think I spent more than an hour away from it while I was at my sister’s house.

On the way home yesterday, the piece of crap car I’ve been driving since my other broke down, broke down about an hour and a half from home.  I called dad, and he came to get me, but he thinks the fuel pump went out.  Just like my other car.  Fuel pumps hate me, apparently.  So, the plan to take Salem to the shelter today isn’t happening, unless a car magically shows up that I can use.  I’m not really sure when I’m going to be able to take him, but I only have a few days left until I leave, and I have to take him soon.

I’ve been packing/cleaning all morning, and I’m a little sick of it already.  I was sure that I could fit all I needed to fit in both of my suitcases, but it’s already looking pretty bleak.  I’ve already picked through everything once or twice, making sure I really do need to bring it, and there’s still too much stuff to shove in my one suitcase.  My carry on is almost bursting at the seams because I shoved so many clothes in, and that’s not even counting the laundry I’m doing now.  I’ve already eliminated most of my summer clothes from the bag, things like tank tops, because I have a million, but it didn’t take long to fill the space left by them.  And I was also planning on sending the big, bulky things, such as towels, blankets and my winter coat, but when I got everything to the post office, the guy told me that the boxes were unacceptable, and I had to repack, and alas, there was no room left for my coat.  So I brought it home, thinking that it wouldn’t be a huge deal to have to pack it.  But it is.  And I would take all these things to the post office, box them up, and send them off, but I have no car to GET to the post office.  Oh wait a second, even in this town of 17 people, there is one!  I should probably get out of the house, and go see if they have boxes that I can send a few more things in.  Because I don’t especially want to send all my jackets.  I have about 4 hoodies that I want to bring, and a regular jacket.  Don’t forget the winter coat, either.

When dad picked me up yesterday, I asked how my kittens were doing.  Turns out Cairo and Felix went missing a few days ago, and haven’t returned.  They were my favorites.  The three that are left (Addison, Phoenix, and Pirate) aren’t as friendly.

I also need to finish getting a loan, because I have that extra $4,000 I can’t afford to pay before I start school.  I finally found a loan that I can apply for on my own, without a co-signer, but I looked at it on my phone.  I need to look at it, read details, and looks at interest rates before I let myself get too excited about it.  I hope that the two weeks before school starts is enough time to get it finalized.

And that’s pretty much all that’s going on in my world these days.  I’ll try to keep you updated while I finish packing (hopefully…), get Salem to a shelter, and move away from Wyoming.  (I miss my nephews already.)


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