A Countdown…

I have three days left until I move away from Wyoming, and three days left of living in my very empty room.  (Which is a little bit disturbing.) To count down the days left, I’ve made a list of the three things that I’m going to miss about Wyoming.

The first thing I’m going to miss is the emptiness of Wyoming.  When I want solitude, it’s a simple, 5 minute walk and I can be on my own for as long as I want.  For some reason, I’m thinking that in Naperville, it’s going to be a whole lot harder to get away from people, because there’s so many people around.

The second thing I’m going to miss is the old-fashioned beauty of hills, trees and little creeks.  When I’m gone, I’m not going to be able to go on a hike to the places of my childhood, i.e. the frog-pond, the rope cave, “Baldie”.  I won’t be able to jump across little creeks, feeling like I’m going to drown if I misstep.

And the third thing I’m going to miss about Wyoming is the freedom.  (I know, it’s not that far removed from the other things on the list.)  Although some people think it’s frustrating to have to drive for at least an hour to get anywhere, I love the way it lets you think.  I can drive for the whole hour, and look at the landscape, remember times when I hiked there, or took pictures there.  I don’t have to worry about the cops coming if I feel like lighting off some fireworks at night.  I can run, walk, or hike anywhere that I want without having to worry about coming across another person who’s going to try to stop me.

Writing this list almost makes me cry.  It also makes me want to take a hike.  You can expect to see some pictures of Wyoming when I get back.


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