The Two Things I Won’t Miss…

Two more days until I leave Wyoming and head off to college.  Here are the two things that I won’t miss about Wyoming.

The first thing I won’t miss is the way I don’t fit in, and because I don’t fit in, the way the girls treated me.  I’ve always been out of place in Wyoming, because I’m not into sports (and God forbid you don’t like to watch them either…), and I’m not a farm girl.  I love Marilyn Manson, and I don’t like country music.  My opinions were always different than everyone else, and I wasn’t afraid to speak my mind.  All-in-all, everyone thought I belonged somewhere else, not a safe little Wyoming town.

The second thing I won’t miss is the slow internet.  It takes about an hour to download one song.  Enough said.

Now, I’m off to make a double layer coconut cake.  Yum.


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