One Day Left..

And I’m gone for at least a year.  It’s a lot to process, so I’m just going to watch “Sex and the City” (season five; almost done!) today.  I fly out at 1.08 tomorrow.  Wow.

I went to the school to pick up my yearbook, and I saw all of my old teachers.  I was so excited to see everyone, and it just hit me how hard college is going to be without them.  I’m still going to keep in touch, because I’m so close with a few of them, but I won’t get to see them everyday.  It’s going to be quite a change.

I’m afraid to go to college, especially with all this money crap hanging over my head, but I want to just leave and get it done already.  Everyone else is already started, settled, and loving it.

I want to be a college success story.


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