Quotes From What I’m Reading

When I was last at the library, the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section was luring me in.  There were so many books in my favorite genre, and I was a little overwhelmed.  Finally, I found a book that I was sure I would enjoy.  It’s called “Hades’ Daughter“.  I’ve always loved Mythology, and this whole series (“The Troy Game“) is about mythology, and old history.

The following is the prologue:

During the late Bronze Ago, well over a millennium before the birth of Christ, the Minoan king on Crete held the Athenian king to ransom.  Every nine years the Athenian king sent as tribute seven male youths and a like number of female virgins, the cream of Athenian society, to Knossos on Crete.  One on Crete the Athenian youths were fed into the dark heart of the gigantic labyrinth, there to die at the hands of the dreaded Minotaur Asterion, unnatural son of the Minoan king’s wife and a bull.

One year the Athenian king sent his own son Theseus as part of the sacrifice.  Theseus was determined finally to stop the slaughter, and to this end he was aided by Ariadne, daughter of the Minoan king, half sister to Asterion, and Mistress (or High Priestess) of the Labyrinth.  Ariadne shared with Theseus the secrets and mysteries of the labyrinth, and taught him the means by which Asterion might be killed.  This she did because she loved Theseus.

Theseus entered the labyrinth and, aided by Ariadne’s secret magic, bested the tricks of the labyrinth and killed Asterion in combat.  Then, accompanied by Ariadne and her younger sister Phaedre, Theseus departed Crete and its shattered labyrinth for his home city of Athens.

This was a terrible idea on Ariadne’s part, because in the page after this happens, Theseus leaves a heavily pregnant Ariadne on the island on Naxos, and leaves to Athens with Ariadne’s sister.

Ariadne managed to gain her feet.  She placed one hand on her bulging belly, and stared at her lover with eyes stripped of all the romantic delusion that had consumed her for this past year.  “This is your child!  How can you abandon it?  And me?”

Yet even as she asked that question, Ariadne knew the answer.   Beyond Theseus lay a stretch of beach, blindingly white in the late afternoon sun.  Where sand met water waited a small boat and its oarsmen.  Beyond that small boat, bobbing lazily at anchor in the bay, lay Theseus’ flagship, a great oared war vessel.

And in the prow of that ship, her vermilion robes fluttering and pressing against her sweet, lithe body, stood Ariadne’s younger sister, Phaedre.

Waiting for her lover to return to the ship, and sail her in triumph to Athens.

Because she is so consumed with hatred for what he did to her, Ariadne is forced to call her half-brother, the minotaur Asterion, back from Hades to make a deal with him.  And after that meeting, she sets out to destroy everything in the world; starting with her old lover.

“Very well.” he said. “I accept.  The bargain is concluded.”  His hand tightened once more in the waistband of her skirt, but this time far more cruelly.  “You shall have the darkcraft, but I shall take my pleasure in it.  Pain, for the pain you inflicted on me.  Pain, to seal the bargain made between us.”

He buried his other hand in her elaborately braided hair, and with all the strength of the bull that was his, he lifted her up and hurled her down to the bed.

Can you see why I’m addicted to this book?  There’s so many twists and turns, and brothers and sisters having sex, and cousins wanting to get married.  There’s even sex with parents.  It was a strange world back then.  I’m glad today there are laws against that kind of marriage.



This morning, when I woke up, I was feeling like crap, but I made myself get up and go shower.  When I got in the shower, I realized that I would not be able to get anything done in class, so I came back to the room, dried my dripping hair, and climbed back into bed, after texting Kyle and telling him that I wasn’t going to class.

Fast forward a few hours (after The Neverending Story on Netflix), Kyle was out of class, and he came to my room.  He decided that I was feeling better and told me to get dressed and eat lunch with him.  After a few minutes of cuddle time, I got up, and put some clothes on.  We went to the dining hall and had some lunch.

After that, we went to get the mail, because I was expecting my birth control.  I looked in my mailbox and saw the manila envelope in there.  I grabbed it, and noticed a yellow slip (that means I have a package that won’t fit in the box).  I pulled that out, and went up to the counter.

They gave me a huge box that weighed about 20 pounds.  When I slid it towards me, I almost dropped it on the floor when I realized that it was so heavy.  I figured it was from Astrid, because she said that she was sending something.  I looked down at the address, and it was not Astrid.

It was Stacia!

When I told Kyle who it was from, he looked at me funny, and joked, “It’s probably a law-book so you know what to expect when she sues you because you can’t pay the loan.”  (Haha.)  He carried the package back to the dorm, and I had to stop him from opening it.

When I opened it, I kept pulling bags of candy, dried fruit (which I LOVE), popcorn, pop tarts, clothes, and magazines out.  THERE WAS EVERYTHING.

And on the card?  There was a red maple tree.

You succeeded, Stacia.  You get a thousand million points for your efforts.  It not only cheered me up and made me feel important, it also made me feel better (with the period situation), and replenished my snack drawer. :)  You win!

I’m Negative

For TB!  So, I’m safe to teach :)  Next thing I’ll need to do is get a FBI background check, then I’ll be good to go.

I want to go and check my mailbox so bad, but I have two things that are due tomorrow for Bio, and I need to get them done.  So, the plan is to do my Bio pre-lab, and finish the lab writeup from last week’s lab, and then I’ll go down and get the mail.  And while I’m down there, I’ll stop and wait for Kyle, and maybe get a smoothie.  I’m feeling a cold coming on…

I have a sliver embedded under my finger nail on my left pointer, and I’ve been trying like crazy to get it out.  The only thing I’m doing is causing myself pain.

I also had some pain in my left ear, and I stopped in at the clinic for them to check it.  Turns out, (and this is always the case, since I’ve been a baby) that I just have a build-up of wax.  So right now, I’m sitting here, with a chunk of cotton in my ear, after having put this thick, clear liquid in my ear, which should fix the problem.

Gross, right?

I’m also frustrated with Ulta because they’re having a huge sale, and I have coupons.  When I moved here, I didn’t bring nail polish, and I was running out anyways.  I also need a file, and some new chapstick.  With all of that in my cart, I could have used the coupon and saved a bunch of money, because the nail polish was on sale ($2.29 instead of $4.65).  When I tried to order it, it said that the transaction could not be completed and to try again later.  I have stuff to do later.  I want my order to go through now, so I don’t have to wait so long for it to get here.  I might just walk down to the Ulta store downtown, too.

That reminds me; tonight, the Mongolian Grill downtown has college night tonight, and Kyle said he was taking me to it.  So maybe we’ll just go to Ulta then!  What a wonderful night this is shaping up to be!  (Too bad the cupcake shop is closed on Mondays…)

What a Weekend!

My TB test area is a little bit bruised, but nothing else so far.  I’m hoping that this is the worst it gets.  What do I do if I have TB?  Wouldn’t that be the most random thing in the world?

Anyways, I love weekends at college.  Even though the cleaning lady thinks its perfectly okay to vacuum outside of my door at 9 am, I love being able to sleep in, go eat when I want, and lounge in bed reading, or on the computer all day.  I also enjoy having the dorm to myself (even though I love my roommate…Hey Rachel!), because I can just hang out naked.  Who doesn’t love that? :)

Yesterday was so cold.  Because I locked my keys in my room, I wasn’t able to go back in and get a sweatshirt, so therefore, I was caught out in the wind in a t-shirt and jeans.  When I went to wait for Kyle to get out of class, I wore a scarf, my hand-knit hat, and a hoodie.  I was much warmer.  But I also looked a little bit silly, because the sun had also come out.  I also got a craving for some fall-colored yarn.

Speaking of fall, the name-tags on our door changed, and I’m so excited about them!

Aren’t they adorable?  I love the little pumpkins!

Other things I love about fall here are the maple trees!  I had never seen them before moving here, and the bright red leaves caught my attention.  I don’t have a picture of those, but plan on getting one very soon.  I’m also planning on collecting the largest, reddest maple leaf I can find, and keeping it forever.

Time for breakfast! :)

TB and Left Behind Keys

My roommate left last night for the weekend with her boyfriend.

My boyfriend stayed in my room until about 12, and then went to his.

I went to sleep dreading waking up to go to class at 8.

I hit the snooze button 3 times.

I finally got out of bed.

I grabbed a bar for breakfast.

I closed the door behind me.


I was already running late.

I went to class.

And then to the next class.

And then.

I went to get my TB test done.

At the college, there is a “wellness center” (pretty much a clinic) that is free for all students.  Because I am receiving a scholarship to become a teacher, I have to have all my current shots, and have a background check done, because to be a teacher, (and get the money) I have to go and pretty much intern at schools around the area.  Another thing I have to have done is a TB test.

After clicking that link, would you agree that the test sounds scary?  If you don’t, read this, and you’ll understand why I do.  I have always had bad reactions to shots.  So that’s why I was so nervous beforehand.

I had planned to bring Kyle in with me to hold my hand during it, but because my class was in the same building as the wellness center, I didn’t want to go back to my dorm (which I couldn’t get inside of anyways) and wait for him to get done with class at 1.

He gave me a kiss, told me good luck, and walked away.  I opened the door to the wellness center, walked in, filled out a form, and waited in the waiting room.  Soft piano music was filling the room, but the only thing I could think about was, “OMG.  ANOTHER FREAKING NEEDLE.”

About five minutes later, the nurse comes out and calls me back.  My stomach is moving around so much that I feel like I’ll throw up if I move.  I walk slowly into the room, which is just across the hall from the waiting room.  I sit on the edge of the seat while the nurse asks me questions.  Finally, she walks towards me, holding the syringe.

I laugh a little bit, and say, “I bet you think I’m silly, because I have two tattoos, but I’m scared of this little needle.”

She smiles kindly, “Not at all.  You’ll do fine.  Look at you already!”  I hold out my arms, and she picks the left one, because I have a little cut on the right forearm.

She asks me about my tattoos.  I feel her warm hand enclose my forearm, and I know the moment is coming.  I don’t look down, but look at her and explain my newest tattoo.  I feel the needle go in.  It hurts a little bit.

She pulls the needle out, and I watch.  There’s a little purple-ish bump, and next to it is the tiny red hole.  The bump looks disgusting, but the nurse tells me that it’ll go away.  (It’s actually gone now.  All you can see is the tiny, tiny scab where the needle went in.)  I’m not sore at all, even at the injection site, because the syringe doesn’t poke into muscle, or a vein; it just slides in under the skin.

I guess I’m not as big of a baby as I often think I am.

I was pretty brave.

Oh, and about the being locked out thing.  I had a Hall Director come and let me in.  The office is quite a walk away, so I sat outside (and it is VERY cold out there) and waited.  Finally, I was able to get in my room.  My keys were right where I left them.  I had thought how bad it would be if they were just lost, but they aren’t.  I’m just not going to forget them anytime soon.

The Slow Moon

“The Slow Moon” by Elizabeth Cox was a book I picked up while scanning the shelves at the library.

The library was quiet, and when I slid the book out, it made a soft “shhh” noise, a needless reminder.  The cover, of feet in running water made me open the book for further inspection, although the phrase, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” ran through my mind.

Scanning the inside cover, I saw the word “rape” and began to actually read the summary.  It hooked me.

“The Slow Moon” is about two teenagers, Sophie and Crow, who leave a party one night.  They walk down to the river with a blanket and the intention to have sex.  It’s Sophie’s first time, and she wants Crow to be her first.  They have planned this entire thing out for days before.

It all starts with a kiss, and then they are fumbling to remove each other’s clothes.  As they lay, too focused on each other to be cold, Sophie stops Crow from entering her, and asks for a condom.

They talked about this before.  Crow forgot the condoms in the car, and offers to run back to retrieve them.  He leaves Sophie, beautiful and pale, lying on the blanket, wrapped in shadows.

Expecting to come back to a cold, angry Sophie, Crow creeps through the darkness of the woods, having been delayed at the car.  Instead, he finds her glowing body unconscious, and covered in blood.

The only thing on Crow’s mind is, “Did I do that?”  He does the one thing he can handle at the moment.  He runs away.

So begins the haunting tale of the poor girl who was raped, and the town wondering who did it.  Was it Crow, the handsome boy with an attitude?  Maybe it was the older, greasy construction workers who are in town for a short while?

The books keeps you guessing until pages from the very end.  All-in-all, it was a very fast, satisfying read.  I was happy to finally know who raped Sophie so brutally, and left her out in the dark, lonely forest, seemingly to die.