The Saga of Barbecue Sauce

When we decided to go and see “The Last Exorcism”, we left the house early to go to the theater, and we were about an hour early when we got there.  Deciding that we were hungry, Kyle took me to McDonald’s because I was craving chicken mcnuggets.  I wanted the greasy french fries, chicken, and a few tubs of barbecue sauce to dip everything in.  I had the latest Cosmo with me, and while Kyle was in getting a sandwich, I was sitting in the car, reading Cosmo, and eating the salty, greasy fries.  When I finally got around to opening the bag and looking inside for my chicken, I noticed that there was NO barbecue sauce!  After throwing a major fit, Kyle drove back to McDonald’s, and went through the drive-thru.  When they asked what we needed, we told them that they forgot our sauce, and we needed some.  They told us to drive to the second window.  When we got there, the people inside looked at us, and then walked away.

We sat, waiting for them to come back with the sauce, but they never did.  I kept telling Kyle to knock on the glass, but he wouldn’t.  We were complaining the whole time we waited.  There was also a car behind us, waiting to get to the window to get their food.

Finally, the people stopped in the room of the window to talk and fill up the container holding cups, and Kyle knocked on the glass.  Annoyed, the lady opens the glass window and waits for us to talk.

“Barbecue sauce.”  Kyle says.

“Oh, you want barbecue sauce?”  The lady asks innocently.

“Yes.”  Kyle says, in his best annoyed voice.

She hands us the barbecue sauce, and I’m happy.

Even though the chicken mcnuggets were cold.

Oh, and the movie was pretty good.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the ending though.

Happy Birthday, Dad!


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