Financiers and Move-In

First of all, a financier is a French cake made with almonds and usually served with whipped cream.  I found a recipe for raspberry ones a week or so ago and have been chomping at the bit to make them.  We were staying at Kyle’s dad’s house this weekend, and he didn’t have the right kitchen tools to make them, so we waited until we were back at Kyle’s mom’s.

This morning, we woke up and decided that today was a perfect day to make them, because the only other thing we were doing was packing for move-in tomorrow.  (We also picked up books and went to get more college stuff, but that’s beside the point.)

The first thing we started was the almond flour (which was just finely ground almonds for us).  We got out the food processor, but couldn’t find the blade.  After searching high and low for about 20 minutes, we gave up that idea, and used an onion chopped instead.  After we chopped them with that, we stuffed them into a ziplock baggie, and used a hammer to make it smaller.  We stuck it in the oven, and toasted it.

Meanwhile, we put a tub of raspberries in the blender and pureed them.  Then, I put them through a strainer to get all the seeds out.  Then I mixed in the sugar, and tasted it.  It was SO GOOD.

(Don’t mind the mashed potato appearance in the picture.  It was really a soft white color.)

After that, I put the cream in a bowl and started to whip it.  (We found out later that I didn’t whip it quite enough, because it was a little too runny.)  When I thought it was thick enough, I started to fold in the delicious raspberry puree and then after quite a few taste tests, put it in the refrigerator to chill out.

The we just followed the rest of the recipe, and stuck the mini-cupcake pan filled with rubbery batter in the oven.  I was nervous as all get out, afraid that the little cakes would be burned, or overflow the pan, or something equally bad.  When we opened the oven after the four minutes was up, the cute little cakes were perfect.  We put a berry on each one, and put them back in.

When we took them out for the final time, and let them cool, we covered them in not quite whipped whipped cream, and another berry.  They turned out very cute!

Even though they didn’t turn out quite the way we wanted them to, they were fun to make, and I loved trying out new baking techniques.

After we were done baking, it was finally time to get our stuff packed.  We did some laundry, and packed the college supplies that were lounging in boxes in various rooms of the house.  We move-in tomorrow morning, and I couldn’t be more excited for it.

I’m nervous, but after getting most of my class textbooks, I’m really excited to start college, and finally see what it’s like.  I’m not so anxious about starting anymore, now I’m just worrying about the job situation.  It’s frustrating because I need to get a job to pay bills, but not one that interferes with my classes.  So that pretty much means just on the weekends.  And I’m afraid that weekend work won’t be enough.

Speaking of money, I started a bank account last week, and got free checks and a free debit card.  I haven’t gotten either one, but I’m excited for both!  It makes me feel grown up having checks and a card, I have no idea why.

Wish me luck moving into my new home tomorrow!


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