College = Hectic.

I didn’t expect to have so little time on my hands.  Even when I get out of classes, there’s always something else that I need to be doing.

(I got the computer, I’m on it now.)

My anthropology class was PERFECT.  It’s small (9 people), the professor is fun, and the subject is just awesome.  It’s sad that I only have it two days a week.  On the other hand, I’m not liking Biology so much; first of all, it’s huge, second of all, I don’t know anyone (actually, I met a girl in lab today.  I like her.), and the teacher isn’t what I’m used to.

I started getting back into reading, I actually just finished the book “Page From A Tennessee Journal“.  It was so engrossing, I couldn’t put it down.  It’s the story of a poor, black sharecropper.  Her husband leaves, and she has to take care of their four children.  She’s used to him leaving; he goes all the time, but he usually comes back.  He’s been gone for a long time when the owner of the land comes to her (he’s a white man), and tells her that if she can’t get everything harvested, she’s off the land.  She will have nowhere to go.

Well, things happen, and she (Annalaura, which is a beautiful name) and the owner (Alexander) get involved.

Seriously, give it a try.  It’s one of the best stories about that period in time.

The plan tomorrow, after my classes are over (they end at 10.30), is that Kyle and I are headed over to Target to pick up a power strip and an Ethernet cable.  That’ll be good, because right now, I’m using the “Mobile Hotspot” feature on my phone.

Other than all of that, now that I have a computer in the room, I’ll be able to keep you all updated.

(And all is right in the Universe…)

*This gorgeous photograph sponsored by “God, do college kids really act like this?”


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