Yesterday, after attending jAB (which is jump rope and ab work, free fitness class offered at the college), I was gushing about how great I felt!  I had so much energy, and I just wanted to go and keep working out.

Well, I take that all back.  Right now, I feel terrible.  My thighs hurt, my spine hurts, it’s hard to sit down because of the things mentioned before, and I feel like an old woman because I have to move very slowly.  Combine that with me staying up last night, because I had so much energy, and you get me, at 7.30 this morning, prying myself out of bed to get to Biology on time.  When I signed up for classes, I figured, hey, bio at 8 in the morning isn’t bad, and after I get done with Latin, which is 10 minutes after bio, I’ll be free for the day.

Wrong.  Latin class is held all the way across campus, which takes longer than 10 minutes to walk, and my bio professor loves to talk.  Add to that, my obsession with all things technology, and my fitness class the night before an 8 am start.  I’m surprised I’m still alive.  I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open, and I want to curl up in bed and just rest.  Forever.  And speaking of being alive, this morning, when I should have been getting up to get ready for class, I was lying in bed.  I was completely motionless; barely breathing either.  A fly landed on the inside corner of my eye.  I thought I was dead.

The good thing is that I have yoga tonight.  Hopefully that will be relaxing.  And if it isn’t?  I don’t have class until 4 tomorrow.

Time for resting.

(I’m also headed to Target later today to pick some things up.  I’m excited to get an internet cord so I don’t have to depend on my phone’s internet.)


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