What a Weekend!

My TB test area is a little bit bruised, but nothing else so far.  I’m hoping that this is the worst it gets.  What do I do if I have TB?  Wouldn’t that be the most random thing in the world?

Anyways, I love weekends at college.  Even though the cleaning lady thinks its perfectly okay to vacuum outside of my door at 9 am, I love being able to sleep in, go eat when I want, and lounge in bed reading, or on the computer all day.  I also enjoy having the dorm to myself (even though I love my roommate…Hey Rachel!), because I can just hang out naked.  Who doesn’t love that? :)

Yesterday was so cold.  Because I locked my keys in my room, I wasn’t able to go back in and get a sweatshirt, so therefore, I was caught out in the wind in a t-shirt and jeans.  When I went to wait for Kyle to get out of class, I wore a scarf, my hand-knit hat, and a hoodie.  I was much warmer.  But I also looked a little bit silly, because the sun had also come out.  I also got a craving for some fall-colored yarn.

Speaking of fall, the name-tags on our door changed, and I’m so excited about them!

Aren’t they adorable?  I love the little pumpkins!

Other things I love about fall here are the maple trees!  I had never seen them before moving here, and the bright red leaves caught my attention.  I don’t have a picture of those, but plan on getting one very soon.  I’m also planning on collecting the largest, reddest maple leaf I can find, and keeping it forever.

Time for breakfast! :)


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