It’s Off to the Zoo We Go!

At 9.30, we’re leaving to go to the zoo.  I’m a little bit worried about leaving my ebay, because I’m bidding on stuff (but I have been outbid on all the brush sets except for one), but the couple of things I’m bidding on; the brushes end before I leave, so I can make sure they’re mine, and the other one thing, I don’t even need anymore, so I could care less whether I’m outbid or not.  It is BENEFIT eye primer, (which sells for $20 on their site, and I bid not even $2 on ebay) but I already ordered some from e.lf.  I would love, however, to have the good stuff.

Okay, I changed my mind.  I have to have this stuff after reading the reviews.  But I have 4 days to make sure it’s mine.

(This is me, as soon as I get out bed, hardly taking the time to rub my bleary eyes.  I. HAVE. TO. CHECK. MY. EBAY!)

Because it’s almost Halloween, look for a giveaway.  I’m currently in the stages of thinking one out.  It will be up soon.  Doesn’t everyone love giveaways?


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