Giveaway!! [Closed!]

So today is your lucky day!  Today is the day when my first giveaway takes place.  I will be giving away three sets of earrings and a 25% coupon to a lucky winner, and then two other winners get a 25% off coupon to my aunt’s jewelry shop.  (Thank you, Stacia!)  The earrings are adorable:

They’re all dangly, as you can see.  (Personally, the snowflakes are my favorite.)  Okay, now you need the rules.

  1. U.S. or Canada only.
  2. Post comments on THIS BLOG POST.  Comments on YouTube or Facebook are not accepted.
  3. Post only one comment.
  4. No Enter Me’s.
  5. Comment should include your name, and e-mail address.  If you’re anonymous, you can’t win!
  6. For the comment, you should write about your favorite Christmas memory; gifts, games, food, etc.
  7. Contest ends November 15th (everything will be shipped to you in time for the holidays!)
  8. Winner will be chosen via (on Monday morning at 11 am) and I will post a video of me doing that.

Have fun everyone!


11 thoughts on “Giveaway!! [Closed!]

  1. My favorite christmas memory sticks out like a crystalline moment. I walked down the stairs and ran over to the tree to see my very first barbie pool setup from mattel! It was all I had wanted, and the pool and water slide were set up with all my dolls already in it, lounging poolside!
    It was a dream come true…

  2. My favorite memory about Christmas is when me and brother were little we woke up and opened up all of the presents that were under tree. We did it while our mom and we even played with them. When she woke up we got in trouble but we had so much fun that we didn’t even care.

  3. I would have to say my favorite Christmas memory is a tradition every year, we get up at an ungodly hour before sunrise and start making breakfast to wake everyone up. My grandpa has the fluffiest pancakes on earth and he’s made them every year for as long as I can remember. Then we all get a cup of fresh hot apple cider (I always put a cinnamon stick in mine!) and go out to watch the sunrise(: Christmas is my favorite time of year because the entire family comes from all different states and we all camp out at my Grandma and Grandpa’s. The gift opening procedure is designed to mock me for being the oldest grandkid so they start with the youngest for opening presents. Now I’m all excited for Christmas! :D

  4. My favorite Christmas memory is from my childhood. There are five children in my family and we all came down for Christmas morning to see the presents under the tree. I recall finding a very large stuffed, green turtle with pink spots under the tree for me. After we all finished opening our gifts, my dad went behind our fireplace (there was room to have a small area behind there) and started playing something. Suddenly all we heard was a repeat of Christmas morning. The reason this sticks out in my mind is that tape recorders were just becoming popular and my dad had bought one, recorded the morning’s events, and played it back for us. We were all amazed that our quiet, soft spoken father had purchased something so out of the ordinary. Now to you youngin’s these days, a tape recorder is like an ancient machine. But to those of us born in the 60’s, it was a ton of fun since there were very few electronics in our home!

  5. My favorite Christmas memory is the year my mother-in-law gifted me with her entire set of blue, depression glass dishes. She had accumulated them prior to getting married and she loved them dearly. Now, I treasure them, and will pass them on to my eldest daughter, Stacia. I know she will love and care for them just as we have done.

  6. I knew as soon as I read your blog what my favorite memory is. It has nothing to do with food or presents, but has everything to do with family and traditions. From the time that my sister and I were old enough to *both* walk and talk we have done the same thing on Christmas Eve every year. We pick a room to sleep in and talk and talk and TALK some more before we finally fall asleep. About 4-5 am we would belly crawl out to the living room to see what Santa got us. Why did we belly crawl? Because what if Mom and Dad set up booby traps so that they would know we were up and send us back to bed. After turning on the smallest light we could and going through what Santa got us, we would go wake Mom and Dad up then call EVERYONE in the family to make sure they were also up :) It’s memories like those that make the holidays the best!

  7. My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree. It’s one of the few event that everyone in the family participates in. I used to remember trying to reach just midway up the tree to hang ornaments while my brothers reached to decorate the top, my mom would be setting up the lights and we would all wait for my dad to come home from work and place the angel up on the very top.

  8. When my sisters and I were little, my parents would take us out to pick out the Christmas tree, usually about two weeks before Christmas. We lived in the suburbs, but there weren’t any tree farms nearby, so the trees were brought in to lots along the highway. We would check out dozens of trees to get the one with the best shape. It would be tied to the roof of the car. When we got it home, Dad would set the tree in water. Christmas eve, the tree would be put up. We would leave cookies and milk for Santa, then it was off to bed. The next morning, we weren’t allowed to come down stairs until Mom and Dad called us. We would come down our stairs, all sleepy eyed only to have our eyes blinded by the huge lights for Dad’s 8mm movie camera. By the time we reached the bottom of the stairs, our attention would be drawn to the amazing sight of the fully decorated Christmas tree in all it’s splendor! Santa and his elves decorated the tree with lights, tinsel and ornaments. The Lionel trains would be chugging around the tree. When I think of it, I can still smell the pine mingled with the smoke from the train and hear the whistle of the engine!

  9. Favorite Christmas memories come from when my children were small enough to all still believe in Santa! Watching my children enjoy Christmas is the best gift for me!

  10. I love the snowflakes too!!! My favorite memory of christmas is when it’s snowing outside on christmas eve and we light the fireplace and make some hot cocoa. Then my dad reads the night before christmas. I go to bed barely getting any sleep because I know there are a room full of presents just waiting to be opened. Another fun thing is sorting out the presents on Christmas morning!!!

  11. I’ve put off commenting just because I’ve been having trouble pinpointing a single favorite memory, a single favorite time. So now that it’s the last minute, it will be a hodgepodge of whatever comes to mind…

    I was always excited for the day after Thanksgiving, because that meant we could finally get the Christmas decorations out. I’d ask mom again and again to do so early, but to no avail; the date was firmly set. Friday morning I would impatiently wait for boxes to be drug out of the garage so I could open and sort through them, wandering the magical world woven by a child’s imagination prompted by lights and tinsel and tiny figurines.

    When people asked me what I wanted from Santa, it made me feel oddly embarassed, as if I was ashamed to say that I wanted. I answered that whatever they wanted to get me I would love. I wanted to be surprised.
    One Christmas, though, I said I wanted to have my entire family together. (I’m an only child, and I envied my classmates who got together with not only their own larger core families, but grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles as well.) That holiday, mom’s parents and dad’s parents, and my parents’ siblings, all came out to the Black Hills of SD and we spent a week together in a little cabin. I remember playing Clue and watching Matilda…

    The first year I remember asking for something materialistic, I said I wanted a Cabbage Patch doll that ate “food”. And lo and behold, Santa brought it!!
    Then we had to take her back, because the battery-operated mechanism hidden in her mouth that allowed her to chomp plastic morsels included in the package also allowed her to chomp human hair. Chomp and chomp and chomp until she reached the scalp and her playmate of a child was bald and screaming.
    …..Or so said the news. Oh glorious toy recalls.

    I think, though, my favorite memory of Christmas is the simple profound beauty and feel of the season. Snow gently falling, blanketing the world and making it softer and sharper at the same time. Boots crunching. Sledding, skating, skiing, crafting ice-block houses. Decorating the tree, insisting on getting one with soft needles so I could crawl behind it and look out through layers of pine and sparkle and color and glitter. Dancing about to the Nutcracker soundtrack, imagining I am a ballerina. Baking cookies–molasses, Grandma’s pineapple pastries, decorated sugar, chocolate-covered pretzels, and once, out of a severe misjudgement, an insanely sugary concoction, divinity. Caroling, waking up the morning of the 24th to wonder and amazement and bright wrapping paper. Mom’s baked eggs.

    The beauty of it all. The beauty of the most famous birthday in the world.

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