Merriam-Webster defines tranquil as “free from agitation of mind or spirit” or “free from disturbance or turmoil”.

My dorm room is like that now.  Although I can hear the muffled voices of the girls who share the hall with me, everything seems to fade away when I’m in here alone.

The shades are closed, but the bright sun filters in, creating a warm, dim environment, perfect for blogging, napping, knitting or reading.  The heaters have finally been turned on, and though it is not stifling in here, it isn’t cold either.  It’s the perfect temperature to curl up, drink some tea, and do the activities mentioned above.

The soft hum of my laptop is as soothing as flowing water, and I can feel my eyelids get heavy.

My classes are finished for this week, and the weekend is in front of me, heavy with expectations of relaxation.  College is starting to wear me down, and this tranquility is perfect for my tattered state of mind.

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