And The Winners Are…

(The video is processing right now, but will be up shortly!)

Congratulations to the grand prize winner (earrings and 25% off coupon) Jordan H!

The two other winners (of the 25% off coupons) were: Jeanelle B. and Lisa B.

I’ll be sending out e-mails to all of you for your mailing address!  If one of you (or all) does not respond in 24 hours (I’m counting!), I will choose another winner!

And thank you SO much to my aunt Stacia, who donated the coupons and earrings for me to give away. This is her etsy shop.  Go support her by buying some awesome handmade jewelry!


2 thoughts on “And The Winners Are…

  1. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU, Casse!! :)
    Your call really made an otherwise not-so-very-nice day amazing. I love surprises.

    Also thought I’d let you know I’m planning on starting up my blog-writing this weekend…I know I have said this before. I have wanted to for a loooooooooong time now and I figure I will never find more time; no magical fairy will come present me with a gracious extra hour of Free Time To Be Allocated To Blogging. So, I had better just CREATE it.

    AND!! In half an hour I practice my poem…then in an hour, I recite :) I am so very excited!! Also a bit nervous…but I am calmed by the fact that it will be more than okay, it will be beautiful, beautiful. The other students are great (and all upper-classmen) and so are the professors; I always enjoy spending time with them. The English department already feels like home, my niche….

    We tend to cluster together, don’t we?

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