College is Getting in the Way of Knitting

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you know that I just started knitting a hat.  I’d been waiting for weeks to get all my knitting stuff sent from home, and when it FINALLY got here, I was on Ravelry for hours deciding what I wanted to make.

I ended up choosing this design, and I’m using this yarn, in this color.  (It’s knitpicks’ “Wool of the Andes” in “Williamsburg”.  I believe this colorway is discontinued now.)

I love, love, LOVE the design of this hat, but I’m having a really hard time making myself sit down and knit.  At home, I had no problem, because first of all, we had dial-up.  We also only had one line, so Pat and I had to share the internet, and I also couldn’t be online every hour of the day because no one could call if I was.  So I had plenty of time to just sit in my room and knit things.  I also liked to knit and watch movies, especially Harry Potter.  (Which is why I was able to knit a hat in about a day.)

Here at college, although I have a 750 MB bandwidth cap, I have super fast internet, so I’m always finding something to do.  Reading blogs, facebook, youtube, you name it.

But, back to the hat.  As I said, I love the simplicity of the pattern.  At first, I was like, “What the heck?  Why am I decreasing in the 5th row?  I want this hat to fit my head!”  But then I was like, “Oh yea, I’m making a stitch while I’m knitting 2 together, so I’m really just keeping the same amount of stitches and the pattern gets a little bit of a lace look because the knit 2 together and the make one stitch leaves a little hole!”  So, needless to say, I’m enchanted.  The yarn is soft, the color is gorgeous, and the pattern delights me.

Now, if college would just stay the heck out of this new relationship, and quit causing rifts between me and my new found love, we could just love each other in peace.

(I don’t really sleep with my knitting, even though I love it so much.  I also don’t sleep in jeans.  It’s not a good idea, and I don’t advise it under any circumstances.  The sleeping with your knitting, that is.  This was a staged photograph.)


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