A Different View

This morning started out early, 7 a.m. early.  I dragged myself out of bed so I could make it to my 7:30 final (Biology), and on the way out, I grabbed some pop-tarts that I ate while walking.

The final didn’t go so well, I think.  I didn’t really know anything until the 70th question.

When I got back at 8:30, I packed.  Rachel was still sleeping so I tried to be quiet.  I gathered everything up, and wondered how I got so much stuff, coming all the way from Wyoming with only a carry-on a checked bag.

I knew I had to get everything out of the room so I could clean it for the girls moving in, but the room I was moving into wasn’t quite ready for me yet.  So I did the next best thing and piled everything I had into the hallway.

This is only half of it.

Then I played the waiting game.  The girls weren’t quite ready to move yet, and most of them were still sleeping or taking finals.  I swept and made sure that all the little dust bunnies found a new home, and in doing so, moved everything around.  It’s crazy how light this furniture is.

When everyone was finally ready to get moving, I started feeling like maybe this wasn’t the best idea.  I was missing my room already.  But I packed everything up, and I carried it down the hall.  I brought everything in and dumped it onto my new bed.  I didn’t get pictures of all the steps, but believe me when I say I organized everything.

After I got the bed made up, I stepped back and took everything in.

It didn’t look so different.  It’s more organized, but only because I haven’t had a chance to mess it all up.  It smells the same, because I have the same bar in my Scentsy.  But the view is definitely different.

Speaking of different, I colored my hair the other night.  I used Revlon Colorsilk in color 49 (Auburn Brown).  I was looking for something warmer than what I had, and darker too.  It looks super red in the box, but once I got it on my hair, it turned out very dark.  I love it.

I did the coloring about an hour before I went to work.

I think it turned out wonderful.

What do you think?  Too red or just right?


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