I mentioned on Facebook a few days ago that I have been getting magazines in the mail that I haven’t signed up for or have paid for.  I didn’t get any responses and I still have no idea where these are coming from.  But.  I’m glad that I’m getting them.  One of them is “Fresh Home” and it’s all about design and decorating.  I’m in love with it.  I’ve spent days poring over this magazine.  There are so many cute ideas that I want to try out.

On the top of that list to try out is making a terrarium.  I can’t have pets in the dorm, and I’ve been craving something that I can take care of.  Also, outside is so grey and slushy and yucky and I want something colorful in my room.  A terrarium pretty much covers this for me.  Not only do I get to put it all together (and I love planting flowers), but I get to choose plants I love and little bits and pieces to make it mine.  In the magazine, there’s an article describing the plants you can use, what stuff you need to make it successful and other little tips to help you out.

I’m moving out of the dorms tomorrow, and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for things to use in mine over the holidays; plants, glass containers, and little odds and ends to make it pretty.  When I move back into college, I’ll have my own little “garden” and I won’t feel so lonely with something to care for.


4 thoughts on “Terrariums

  1. Hey, if you want more free magazines, I can get some for you (I am not responsible for the ones that you’re getting now, however). Free (and dirt-cheap) offers abound all over the Internet!


    • Stacia- I love home decorating magazines…I thought that maybe it was you sending them, but apparently not! I hope I figure out where these are coming from! The other one I’ve received is Reader’s Digest and I know from experience that it’s not cheap!

  2. Are you gunna have a roomate again? You might want to make sure that its okay with them to have all those plants in ur room. They could have allergies…Hope you have a great Christmas break :)

    • Kim- I do have a roommate, but she’s not allergic to anything. And with terrariums (which is awesome), even if you have allergies you can have a covered one. When I mentioned having one to Kyle, he said, “Make sure you get plants that I’m not allergic to.” :)

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