Pretty Potted Plants

A few days ago, I was super excited when Kyle took me to a craft store to look for glass containers to hold my terrariums that I had been building in my mind.  I got 2 glass jars that are super cute, and some pebbles to put in.

Today, we went back out to get the rest of the stuff that I needed; plants, gravel and charcoal.

Turns out I got the wrong kind of plants.  I went in with a list of plants that are perfect for terrariums and we couldn’t find them anywhere.  So I ended up getting mini roses and a little pink spotted plant that was identified simply as “Tropical Foliage” (now I know that it’s called a “Polka Dot Plant“.  I figured that if it was tropical, it would love the humidity of a terrarium.  Both plants are too big to fit into my little glass jars, and both plants grow to be about 2 feet tall.  My glass jars are only about 6 inches tall and just begin to fit the roots of both plants.

But, even though my terrariums aren’t officially “terrariums”, I’m still happy with them.  The roses smell divine, and the little polka dot plant is adorable.  The point of making them was to have something living in my room that I could take care of because pets aren’t allowed, and I do have something to take care of.

The polka dot plant only likes to be watered with warm water, and both plants need to be watered with rainwater or tap water that has been left to sit for 24 hours.

I wonder if plants are allowed in the dorms?


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