Post A Day 2011

Starting tomorrow (or today?) I’m joining the WordPress Post A Day 2011 challenge.  I’m going through with this, and I promise, from here on out, I will have something up every day.  And I’m not thinking little tiny things that are boring to write and even more boring to read.  I’m talking real, serious, interesting posts that give you insight into how I’m doing as a college freshman 1200 miles from home.

But I need a break from every day (not even the blogs that I read post every day), and I think I will be taking a break on Sundays, if I need to.  I may or may not post on that day, but you’ll have to make sure to check anyways (if you’re on the computer).

Now, I need encouragement from my readers, and ideas to write about.  Facebook, comment, e-mail, or even text (if you have my number) ideas of what you want to read.  If you want to know more about my reading, and less about my knitting, so be it.  If you want me to take more pictures of where I am and how I’m doing, I’ll do that.

And now I must go; the dogs I am pet-sitting are running around like chickens on cocaine with their heads cut off.  They’re crashing into things and sending things (namely the door to the t.v. cabinet) flying.  Maybe that means less cold-nose-pokes in my face while I’m trying to sleep at night, because they’ll be sleeping too?  I can only hope.


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