Open Letter

Dear guy in Mythology class

You might not think it’s weird, but saying that dogs taste really good is not normal, it’s actually really strange.  The “ew”s and groans when you said that were pretty much indicative of the fact that you are an outcast in this class.  People in America do not eat dogs.  We love our dogs and talking about eating them makes enemies.  Chinese people may eat dogs, but we do not.  (Repeat this mantra to yourself.)

I know you were in China for a month, but c’mon, you were raised in America, you should know these things.  I would think that you said that for the shock value, but I saw the look in your eyes when you said, “they taste reeeallyy good.”  You actually like the taste of dogs.  But even the statement, “I don’t like dogs to begin with”, didn’t help your case any.  Some people don’t like cats (I do like them), but that doesn’t mean they think about eating them.

Be less weird, dude.  Also, stop dropping your bag (which happens to be chock full of books about Chinese), on my feet.

Sincerely, Cassandra


Until I get my new book!


Executive Decision

I’ve made the decision to not post on the weekends if I am not able.  I was stressing about it last night because I had to work from 5 to 10:30, and in the morning, the roommate and I went shopping.  I don’t want to be chained to the computer all the time, which is why I’m not going to stress out about posting.

Now I’m going to do some laundry.

Meet Laura

Laura, unlike most puppies, came in a box.

She chose her spot on the bed.

She really likes Dr Pepper,

My plants,

And texting.

She’s a very eager puppy.

She’s very curious as well.

And even though she’s never been, she yearns for the great outdoors.

She’s very good at cuddling.

I like her.


Link to PSH.

The first hat is complete!  I finished it while watching the first season of “The Tudors” I checked out from the library.

Who gets the pleasure of pulling on this incredibly soft hat everyday?  You’ll just have to wait and see!

Also, does anyone know what the heck these things are called?  They came with the set of interchangeable circular needles I got from a friend of a friend.  They connect to the end of the middle sized needles to make the cables fit into the actual needle.  They look like this:

I need some more of them because with only one pair of these things, I can only work on one project at a time, because the cables I need won’t fit into the needles.  The set is called “The Needlemaster” by Boye.  I’ve looked all over the place to find more to order, but without knowing what these things are called, I can’t search as far and wide as I hoped.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


This is the story of a little buffalo.  He was a happy buffalo, as long as he was played with, petted, and loved.  He was so used to being played with that he was devastated when one day, he was pushed aside.

He had no one to play with, no one to pet him and exclaim about his softness, and no one seemed to love him anymore.  Where he used to get admiring glances and fingers would run across his perfectly brown fur, now he got pitying, guilty looks.

But one day, he changed.

He wasn’t the young, sad little buffalo anymore. He was now a defiant, stubborn, old bull.  His coat showed the difference; though it wasn’t any less soft, or thick (it was actually thicker with his age spurt), it was now shot through with maturity.

He dared people to come close to test the softness of his fur, to admire his strength.  He wasn’t taking crap from anyone anymore.  He demanded attention.

And that’s exactly what he got.


I went to the wellness center, got through the throat swabbing (it only took 5 tries), and found out that I do indeed have strep throat.  I’m contagious for 24 hours after I take my first dose of medicine, and then I’m safe to be around people after that.  I got quite the bag of stuff to help me feel better.

First, I got the standard issue Amoxicillin, along with the instruction to “take 2 doses a day, 12 hours apart”. (Prescribed by Dr. Love; what a cool name!)

actual size

Second, I got a baggie full of Ibuprofen tablets, with the instruction to “Take 2 tablets every 6 hours”.

Third, I got some standard issue anesthetic throat lozenges.

Fourth, I got packets of salt, with the instruction to “Gargle saltwater.  Mix one packet with 1/2 cup of water”.

Fifth, I got a Lemon-Lime Gatorade, with the instruction to “Drink lots.  Water, hot tea, Gatorade, juices.”

Sixth, I got instructions for taking the Amoxicillin, a note for work, the “toss your brush out when you’re finished with the medicine” talk and the “Take every single pill, two a day, even if you feel better; TAKE EVERY PILL.” speech.

And lastly, I got the “Take good care of yourself, and feel better!  If you start feeling worse after starting the medicine, stop taking it and come in right away.  Also, if your boyfriend starts feeling sick, bring him in right away!” speech.

Tuesday Questions XII

Last night, after I finished my book (I may or may not do a review when I get back from the doctor), I finally was tired enough to ignore my throat and go to sleep.  You see, I’m a side sleeper, and I breathe through my mouth.  Remember yesterday, when I said:

It hurts to swallow, it hurts to breathe through my mouth, it hurts to talk, and it hurts even when I’m not doing anything.

Well, when it hurts to breathe through your mouth, and you’re a mouth breather when you sleep, that doesn’t equal much rest.  And lately, I’ve been facing the wall (because the roommate is on the computer when I go to sleep), because it’s darker there and I’m able to fall asleep faster.  Last night, I was curling, and curling and curling into the wall.  When I curled one time, yanking my pillow down, I smashed my head into the brick wall.

  1. Mood: My throat is still sore, I can’t go to work, I have to go to the doctor (to get a strep test, UGH), and I’m exhausted because I couldn’t sleep.
  2. Glitter in your lip gloss: yay or nay? I say nay.  I like shimmer, but not glitter.  It ends up getting everywhere.
  3. Can you freehand draw a good circle? Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t.
  4. Current nail polish: Just clear again.
  5. What is your favorite type of accessory to wear? (earrings, bracelet, headband, etc.) I wear earrings all the time.  There’s not really a time when I’m not wearing them.  But I also always have to have a necklace on.
  6. TV, video games, or internet? It depends on my mood, but internet and T.V. most of the time.
  7. Current outfit: American Eagle sweat pants, blue sleep shirt.
  8. Do you like public speaking? No.  I loathe public speaking.  I get so nervous that I can throw up or pass out.
  9. What is your favorite fit of jeans to wear? (boot cut, skinny, flare…) I have mostly skinny jeans, but that doesn’t make them my favorite.  My favorite are a slim boot cut from PacSun.
  10. Weekly goals: Rest up, get homework done (if I have much), do well on my Phys Anth midterm, do well on my Myth exam, and get the babysitting job.

Wish me luck with the doctors.