More Hats and Magazine Love

After yesterday’s post about the hats that I knit while I was house-sitting, I got so many requests for knit hats.  I would love to knit everyone their own special hat, but I’m disappointed to tell you that I don’t have enough money to buy the yarn to knit so many!  After much consideration, I’ve decided that I will knit hats for anyone who wants them.

But I am charging.  I can’t afford to buy yarn, ship, and spend so much time knitting a hat when I have to pay for my college.  So this is what I’m doing.  I set up a PayPal account, and I’m charging $10 per hat and $3 for shipping.  So far, this is just for the blue waffle hat.  I’ll give you swatches of yarn to pick from and I can also put a knit flower on your hat if you want that, too.  I’ll get a page set up especially for ordering a hat, and then you’re free to put in orders!

The other thing I wanted to talk about today was the magazine that I’ve been loving.  This is the second issue I’ve received and I love it.  There are so many cool decorating ideas in here, and it’s aimed at DIY-ers.  The magazine I’m talking about is “Fresh Home”.  It’s super cheap to subscribe to, and it’s totally worth it! (I got mine for free from someone…I have no idea who.)

Now I’m off to get a page set up for you to order hats from!


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