“Secrets of a Shoe Addict” Review

Yesterday was a crazy day and I didn’t have any time to look at my computer, let alone get on and blog.  I finished the first book in 2011 (here) and I thought I would do a quick review of it for you.

The book in question is “Secrets of a Shoe Addict” by Beth Harbison.  I read her first novel a few years ago (“Shoe Addicts Anonymous” which was a fun, easy read.), and was was happy when I stumbled across this one in the library.  I read the inside cover and picked it up, knowing that I would get through it pretty fast.

I did get through it fast; I started the night I picked it up, and finished the next day.  I didn’t read it constantly, but it’s such a funny book, with a good plot (which I’ll get to in a minute), that it’s hard to put down.

The story starts with three women, Abbey Walsh, Tiffany Vanderslice Dreyer, and Loreen Murphy.  All are PTA members and on a school  band competition trip to Vegas, they all find out that what happens in Vegas, never really stays in Vegas.

Abbey, the wife of a minister, is the perfect wife and mother, but some secrets (like her drug habits in her youth) will not stay buried when someone from her old days shows up and attempts to blackmail her for money.

Tiffany, who also has the perfect marriage with the perfect children, spends a tad too much on designer clothing and now has to pay the bill.

And Loreen, suffering from the backlash of a crumbling marriage, meets a man in Vegas, sleeps with him, and then owes him $1000 for his services, which she didn’t know she had hired.

All three women must come up with money to pay for all this stuff without letting the nosy, over-bearing Deb, in on what is going on.  They all end up being phone sex operators phone actresses to pay off the debt.

This story was so cute and so quick and it had such a satisfying end to it.  Along with the lively characters she introduces us to, the author also brings in a character from her first novel, “Shoe Addicts Anonymous”, which really brings the story full circle.  But not to worry, you don’t need to read the first book to understand this one.  It was a great book to start 2011 with.


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