Yesterday night, Kyle called me and asked me (in a very sad voice) if I would come up to visit him because he just got done throwing up and he wasn’t feeling well.  I said “of course” and went up to see him.

After rubbing his back for awhile, he was tired and went to bed.  I came down to my room, and a few hours later, I was clutching my stomach and sitting by the garbage can.

I never did get around to throwing up, but my stomach feels really heavy and I just feel bad.  Annette brought some chicken noodle soup, yogurt, clementines, 7-Up, saltines, antibacterial wipes and Gatorade and I feel a tad better after eating 2 cans of soup, drinking a Gatorade, and eating a clementine (all in the space of an hour), but I just feel empty.  Like I could eat everything in my food drawer and still some more.

So, that’s the reason I didn’t go to work today, that’s the reason I haven’t showered yet, that’s the reason I was able to finish a book I was only 70 pages into (“Fair is the Rose“, I’ll review it some other time…Maybe.), and that’s why you’re getting a post like this.


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