Today is such a quiet day for me that I don’t have any good stories, or new mail to show you.  I went to latin this morning, came back to my dorm, showered and then went to mythology, and then came back to my dorm and ate.

In between classes, during my downtime, I made tea. (Because there’s snow everywhere, and I love hot tea when it’s cold.)  I haven’t had tea for a long time and it reminded me of being at home.  How there was always a tea kettle filled with hot water, always a clean cup, always different varieties of tea (but I loved drinking the plain tea), and always sugar to mix in.  When I sat at the computer and blogged, or watched a movie, or just talked to Kyle on Live Messenger, I drank tea.  When my tea got cold, I made more.  When I drank it all, I typed “brb” and went and made some more.

I also made several trips to the bathroom during my tea drinking hours (which usually started at 4 and went to 8, as long as Pat wasn’t home).

My favorite tea to drink was just the regular black tea and bergamot.  But I also loved to drink Raspberry tea, Constant Comment, and (if we had it) Pomegranate (which was one of dad and I’s favorites).

Are any of you tea drinkers?  If so, what’s your favorite tea to drink?  If not, what hot drink warms you up in the winter?


*Edited to Add:

By the way, there’s only 75 days left until “The Land of Painted Caves” comes out!  I’ve halfway through “The Valley of Horses”, but because I just got Kathleen E. Woodiwiss books, I’m tempted to start on them…


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