I’ve been noticing unwelcome little visitors in my dorm lately.  The little black kind that are hard to see, easy to mistake for dirt, and like to crawl inside your clothes to make you itch.

At first, I ignored them because I thought maybe I tracked them in or something.  I swept the room and put the thought out of my head.  A few days later in class, I felt something tickling my neck.  I reached back to scratch it and found a bump.  A moving bump.  I brought my hand down in disgust, tossing the ant on the ground in doing so.  That was quite enough.

War had begun.

Every time I saw one of the little critters, I got the broom and swept up.  They were gone, but only for awhile.  One night, after coming back from Kyle’s room, where I had fallen asleep on his bed while he was hanging out with friends at about 1 a.m., I reached under my bed to grab a water and noticed not one, not two, not even 10, but about 20 ants, crawling everywhere.

I jumped back and started using a cardboard piece to smash every single one of them.  Then I went to get the broom and when my roommate asked me what I was doing, I told her matter-of-factly that we had ants.  We both started cleaning in a frenzy.  With each piece of furniture moved and ants discovered, we both uttered one word; a high pitched and drawn out, “ewwwww!”

I told my RA and she called for maintenance.  The next day while I was in class, the guy came, put traps out, and then left.  I haven’t seen the pests since then.

Except last night, while I was falling asleep, my eyes were jumping spasmodically, fighting sleep, when I saw a giant ant on my arm, which was lying on the pillow inches from my face.  My body jumped with fear, my heart pounded, and my stomach dropped before I noticed that there was nothing there, just a cruel joke my mind played on me, turning a little dip in the wall into a giant ant.

It took some time to fall asleep, but when I did, my dreams were happily ant free.  Let’s hope my dorm stays ant-free, too.

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