Tuesday Questions XI

  1. Mood: Not at all looking forward to going to work.  I have a paper due due tonight for Archaeology and with that paper, I have to draw pictures and maps.  I also have a worksheet for Physical Anthropology and I’m hungry.
  2. What was the last thing you ate? Last night, when I stayed up until midnight, even though I told myself that I was going to bed before 11, I ate three little clementines.
  3. Current nail polish: NYC Mulberry Street (which is a really sheer champagne color.  I love putting one coat on, because you can still see the tips of my fingernails and it looks kind of like a french manicure.  It’s a perfect color for work, and it’s a very good polish.  It doesn’t chip as much as my MAC, and it was only $1.19 at Ulta.)
  4. Are you a white socks kind of person or do you prefer colors/prints/designs? I don’t really care what color they are, but I pretty much only have white socks (but some have colorful designs on them).
  5. Are you a texter or caller? I’m a texter, but if there’s something that’s too long to say or I need an answer RIGHT NOW, I’ll call.
  6. Current outfit: A red towel because I just got out of the shower and figured I would do my questions before I went to work.
  7. Did you ever get detention in grade school? Not in grade school.
  8. What is your favorite quote? (or one of them) I have so many quotes that I like, but it’s hard to pick one out of the air right now.  I mostly love old quotes about love.  (This one is on my facebook page and I love it: “If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.” -Oscar Wilde)
  9. Which celebrity’s style to you admire most? That’s a tough one for me because I don’t follow celebrities as much as I used to.  But I think Natalie Portman has cute style.
  10. Weekly goals: Get my homework done, do a haul video (as soon as my stuff gets here…), get to my Teach First meeting on Friday (at 7:15 am!), and get some more knitting done.  I worked on Brayden’s hat yesterday, but it’s slow going.

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