Today I’ve been thinking of home a lot because I got a coupon from Stacia (THANK YOU.) for $150 off plane tickets home, and now I’m just wishing for both of these terms to go by really super fast.

I’m so excited to see Wyoming again, because I’ve been gone for 10 months (almost a whole year!), but I’m also excited to see Salem again.  The woman who took him told me to come over anytime to visit him, and I can’t wait to cash in on that.  This huge part of me hopes that he’ll remember me, but then again, if he remembers me, wouldn’t he know that I abandoned him?  That thought alone makes me want to stay away.

But because I’m thinking about him, you need to be thinking of him as well, so I give you: The Timeline of Salem.

I miss my hiking dog.  Even though he would drag me along after him, I miss just having him with me.  I miss his complete loyalty to me, and how excited he got when he saw me, especially after I had been gone for a long time.  He made long car trips easier because he sat in the front with me.  I miss my baby puppy, the one who fell asleep in my arms, the one who cried when he couldn’t find me (and when he grew up, searched every room methodically until he found me), the big dog (who was bigger than me), who put his paws on my shoulders and hugged me.

Oh Salem, I can’t wait to see you again.


One thought on “Salem

  1. He can’t wait to see you either!! And I mean it, you are welcome anytime! I love the pictures, hopefully I can download and print them. We were just talking the other day, wondering what he looked like as a puppy, so thanks!!

    I’ll get pictures up on Facebook this weekend, I promise! I’ve just been crazy busy, and it’s been pushed aside.

    You take care, enjoy this semester, and we’ll see you this summer!

    Kim, Faolan, and all the girls

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