Project Secret Hat

I have this new idea that I’m doing, something that will start to use up my stash, because it’s getting too big for my dorm.  I don’t have enough room to store my clothes, let alone a stash the size of mine.

So, because I love knitting hats, I’m starting “Project Secret Hat“.

What is “PSH”, you ask?  It’s something I’m doing in my spare time, where I knit hats (either from patterns, or from my head), and send them secretly to someone.  I already have my first couple of people on the list, but the key word is SECRET, so you won’t know who gets the hat until it arrives on your doorstep (or in your mailbox).  It’s designed to share the love of handknit hats in cold weather.

I’m not sure if I’ll put photos up of the hats in progress, because if the recipient is reading my blog, the surprise will be ruined. (Changed my mind, here’s the photo) So, I’ll just say this: the hat I’m working on now is with Boucle (pronounced “boo-CLAY”), and I’ve nicknamed it the “Buffalo hat” because it reminds me of the buffalo in Ted’s Montana Grill.

Rules of Thumb when making your own pattern:

  1. When casting on, always go with the lower number of stitches, because you can add more if you need to.  Before the stitches are knit for the first time, they look a lot smaller than they will be in a finished product.  After knitting the first row, they will pretty much multiply.
  2. Boucle is very forgiving of mistakes.

2 thoughts on “Project Secret Hat

  1. You are SO creative! I love your PSH idea. I have marketing ideas going off in my head for that one. haha In another place, another time, we could run a store together. We would carry handmade items and fair trade items from around the world, supporting artisans while providing the shoppers with a good feeling in making their purchase. : )

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