Another Girly Post

I’ve written about this before (and here too), and I’ve tried everything to make myself feel better.

It so happens that today, when I’m feeling the worst, I have to go to work.  So, it’s poll time:

If you choose one of the “other” choices, comment and tell you what you suggest.  All help is much appreciated.  (Also, sorry about the period posts.)


One thought on “Another Girly Post

  1. I find that when I have cramps, even though it’s somewhat counter-intuitive, running really helps. Even a walk does good, and sometimes more–I also try to be more patient with myself during that time, and allow my body extra time just to lay around and rest if that is what it craves. Breaking up my meals so I’m eating a little bit at a time almost constantly throughout the day is nice too.

    Oh, and! Laughing with friends, taking an hour to browse around online or play games, reading for pleasure, and drinking tea aren’t directly pain-relievers, per say, but they really really make me feel better in addition to the above. Guess I’m not big on medicine, at all. Tums are my one vice-I feel like they help strengthen my bones as well as being stomach-settling, lol.

    Ramble, ramble, ramble….

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