Tuesday Questions XII

Last night, after I finished my book (I may or may not do a review when I get back from the doctor), I finally was tired enough to ignore my throat and go to sleep.  You see, I’m a side sleeper, and I breathe through my mouth.  Remember yesterday, when I said:

It hurts to swallow, it hurts to breathe through my mouth, it hurts to talk, and it hurts even when I’m not doing anything.

Well, when it hurts to breathe through your mouth, and you’re a mouth breather when you sleep, that doesn’t equal much rest.  And lately, I’ve been facing the wall (because the roommate is on the computer when I go to sleep), because it’s darker there and I’m able to fall asleep faster.  Last night, I was curling, and curling and curling into the wall.  When I curled one time, yanking my pillow down, I smashed my head into the brick wall.

  1. Mood: My throat is still sore, I can’t go to work, I have to go to the doctor (to get a strep test, UGH), and I’m exhausted because I couldn’t sleep.
  2. Glitter in your lip gloss: yay or nay? I say nay.  I like shimmer, but not glitter.  It ends up getting everywhere.
  3. Can you freehand draw a good circle? Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t.
  4. Current nail polish: Just clear again.
  5. What is your favorite type of accessory to wear? (earrings, bracelet, headband, etc.) I wear earrings all the time.  There’s not really a time when I’m not wearing them.  But I also always have to have a necklace on.
  6. TV, video games, or internet? It depends on my mood, but internet and T.V. most of the time.
  7. Current outfit: American Eagle sweat pants, blue sleep shirt.
  8. Do you like public speaking? No.  I loathe public speaking.  I get so nervous that I can throw up or pass out.
  9. What is your favorite fit of jeans to wear? (boot cut, skinny, flare…) I have mostly skinny jeans, but that doesn’t make them my favorite.  My favorite are a slim boot cut from PacSun.
  10. Weekly goals: Rest up, get homework done (if I have much), do well on my Phys Anth midterm, do well on my Myth exam, and get the babysitting job.

Wish me luck with the doctors.


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