I went to the wellness center, got through the throat swabbing (it only took 5 tries), and found out that I do indeed have strep throat.  I’m contagious for 24 hours after I take my first dose of medicine, and then I’m safe to be around people after that.  I got quite the bag of stuff to help me feel better.

First, I got the standard issue Amoxicillin, along with the instruction to “take 2 doses a day, 12 hours apart”. (Prescribed by Dr. Love; what a cool name!)

actual size

Second, I got a baggie full of Ibuprofen tablets, with the instruction to “Take 2 tablets every 6 hours”.

Third, I got some standard issue anesthetic throat lozenges.

Fourth, I got packets of salt, with the instruction to “Gargle saltwater.  Mix one packet with 1/2 cup of water”.

Fifth, I got a Lemon-Lime Gatorade, with the instruction to “Drink lots.  Water, hot tea, Gatorade, juices.”

Sixth, I got instructions for taking the Amoxicillin, a note for work, the “toss your brush out when you’re finished with the medicine” talk and the “Take every single pill, two a day, even if you feel better; TAKE EVERY PILL.” speech.

And lastly, I got the “Take good care of yourself, and feel better!  If you start feeling worse after starting the medicine, stop taking it and come in right away.  Also, if your boyfriend starts feeling sick, bring him in right away!” speech.


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