This is the story of a little buffalo.  He was a happy buffalo, as long as he was played with, petted, and loved.  He was so used to being played with that he was devastated when one day, he was pushed aside.

He had no one to play with, no one to pet him and exclaim about his softness, and no one seemed to love him anymore.  Where he used to get admiring glances and fingers would run across his perfectly brown fur, now he got pitying, guilty looks.

But one day, he changed.

He wasn’t the young, sad little buffalo anymore. He was now a defiant, stubborn, old bull.  His coat showed the difference; though it wasn’t any less soft, or thick (it was actually thicker with his age spurt), it was now shot through with maturity.

He dared people to come close to test the softness of his fur, to admire his strength.  He wasn’t taking crap from anyone anymore.  He demanded attention.

And that’s exactly what he got.


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