A Weekend Well Spent

As promised, here’s the picture heavy post.

On Friday, we went to Kyle’s house.  From there, we went out grocery shopping (for taco salad…yum!), and book shopping (a Borders here is closing and having huge sales).  I got a book: (for $4.80!)

The next morning, we all got up bright and early (7 a.m.) to go to Kyle’s grandparents’ house.  While there, I worked on my hat:

and met puppies:

We all had cake, ate a lot, and came back home.  I checked on my plants:

And planted more:

(spearmint in the pink, chamomile in the flowered)

This morning, after I got done with classes, I picked up the mail.  I got these:

(Atomic, Tahiti Sunrise, Palm Tree, Nuclear Energy. Lip balm in Bubblegum was a free gift.)

And these: (from John)

(“Bucking Bull with Rope”)

(“Duke and the Cats”)

(“Aunt Casse”)

It was really quiet walking back from class because I was the only one walking on the road.  The trees, which were covered in the rain from last night, froze, leaving tiny drops of ice on the branches.

When they fell, they made a tinkling sound as they hit the pavement.


Come in Threes

What a bad ending for an okay week.  Today was the day we were notified (via campus mail) if we were accepted for the RA position.

I gave myself a pep talk as I walked the three minutes to the post office.  When I saw the letter, my stomach dropped with nerves.  I told myself to wait until I got back to my dorm to open it, but I couldn’t.

If you can’t read that, it’s a rejection letter.  I hate how polite it is.

To top that off (or the rejection tops this off, because this happened last night), I got a call last night in the middle of class from home.  They don’t call me very often, and I knew that something was up.  I called back, and my grandma told me that her brother, Bob Gray (my great uncle, my favorite, actually) had been found dead lying beside his pick up.

Needless to say, I left class and cried.  A lot.  I’m still in shock, and the little memories that I have make me cry when they are brought to mind.

I’m scared though.  What’s that saying?  “Bad things come in threes“?  There’s one more bad thing waiting in the wings…I can feel it.




*Edited to Add:

I think I found the third thing: my favorite earring (which I’ve been wearing for at least 3 months) is missing.  It must have fallen out.  Let’s hope just a missing earring is the third thing…

Save Money on College Books

You might remember my last post about buying books for college (here).  I was complaining on how much they cost, and Bookrenter was cheaper than Chegg in most cases.  I ended up saving so much on ordering my books.

This post doesn’t really apply to most people, unless you are going to a school with trimesters like I am.  It’s about time to order my books again, for my next (and last! I can’t believe I’m almost done with my first year of college!) term, and I want to save major money (what with buying plane tickets home and whatnot) on my books, if I can.

This link will save you money, too.

I’ll definitely be getting my books from Bookrenter this term again.

Review: Daughter of Kura

I picked this up the last time I was in the library, and I only noticed it because of the name of the author (Austin- F AUSTIN is right near F AUEL).  It looked interesting, and (all of you know my major) after reading that it was about H. erectus, I added it to my check out pile…Only two books!

A half-million years ago in southeast Africa, Snap, granddaughter of the head-woman, is in line to become Mother of the matriarchal Kura, a Homo erectus clan.

One fall, a newcomer to the tribe, Bapoto, brings some extraordinary new ideas to the Kura: the soul, life after death, and a powerful spirit he calls the Great One. When Snap falls ill, Bapoto leads a ritual invoking the power of the Great One and apparently causes her recovery. As his ideas take hold among the Kura, he mates with Snap’s mother, helps defend the Kura from attack by strangers, and eventually seems poised to become the clan’s first male leader.

Snap sees his ideas and increasing power as threats to their traditions and is labeled an unbeliever. As she clashes with her mother and her clan, she begins to suspect that Bapoto is not what he seems.

(Taken from Debra Austin’s website.)

The first thing I noticed was the style of writing.  It was very easy to read (almost too easy, actually), and it was more Young Adult than Adult fiction.

The second thing I noticed, is this little comment on the back, “In the tradition of Clan of the Cave Bear…“.  I actually think that comparing this book and The Clan of the Cave Bear is insulting to all of Mrs. Auel’s hard work and superb research.

They broke apart and both began to gesture simultaneously.  Two sets of hands flew as they formed words with their fingers, with an occasional sound to convey emotion.  (Page 8, “Daughter of Kura”.)

Pretty much everything from this book was copied from “The Clan of the Cave Bear”.  If you have been reading me for very long, you will know my love for that series.  The way they talk (with signs) is obviously taken from Mrs. Auel’s series.

I don’t know.  I enjoyed the book and the storyline (which is the main character, Snap, pretty much growing up), but I just kept thinking how I was wasting my time with a copycat of the books I already love so much.  The names (all of the women had names of sounds; “Chirp”, “Snap”, “Whistle”, while the guys had more varied names; “Meerkat”, “Ash”, “Thump”, “Falcon”) were creative, and brought the characters more firmly alive.  There were sad parts (such as the baby getting stolen by a lion) that almost brought me to tears, but other parts made me mad, because the clear way to handle a situation (or deal with an evil newcomer) was overlooked.

If you haven’t read “The Clan of the Cave Bear” series, this book may be a tad more satisfying for you, but for me, it was a disappointment with an okay storyline.

Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood:
For some reason, I’m excited for this week.  It probably has to do with my upcoming hair appointment, facial, brow wax, plane trip home, and tattoo!

2.) What is your astrological sign and, if you know what it means, do you think it fits you?
I’m a scorpio, and I think it does fit me.  Most of it anyways.

3.) Did anything exciting happen over the weekend?
Not at all.

4.) Current nail polish:
L.A. Colors in Metallic Silver.  I love how bright and sparkly it is.

5.) What is your favorite month of the year?
Summer months.

6.) Can you skateboard?
I almost killed myself trying…numerous times.  I would love to know how to though.

7.) Current outfit:
Refugee jeans (these are my FAVORITE.) green shirt from DEB and black and white socks from Stacia :)

8.) If you had one selfish wish, what would it be?
I’m a selfish person (sad but definitely true), and I would wish to live as a 20 something person forever.  Death freaks me out.

9.) Cargo pants: yay or nay?
Depends on the day…

10.) Weekly goals:
Finish a 10-12 page paper due on Monday, blog more often and more in depth, and finish the hats I started!

What I’ve Finished

This is my sister’s hat (which she ordered weeks ago…I’m sorry I’ve just now gotten it ready to send to you!):

(The yarn is called “Bramble Heather” from Knitpicks if you were wondering.  It’s a lovely brown-gray that’s shy in photos. And the pattern is the “Waffle Hat”.  I’ve linked it above, and you can order it through the same link.)

It’s reversible:

Here’s the top (I always love finishing a hat because the top looks so professional!):

And here’s the detail of the lace along the bottom:

And this is a different hat that I started yesterday for myself.

And this is another different hat that I started the day before yesterday for myself.

I’ve included my pinky for comparison:

I hate using small needles.